The world of Cricket is not just restricted to the stadium and the cricketers who do wonders with their bat and ball.They are not the only ones who can earn! Buckle up and get ready to predict the most unpredictable game in Indian history! While the team sends the balls out of the boundary, you can make money while you stay seated in your house. Welcome to!! Here you will find the best bookmakers and the perfect ambience to begin with Online Cricket Betting. While you enjoy the game, you can also add more pennies to your account. Now that you are here, Let us get started!!

Introducing you to Best Cricket Bookies in India

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Familiarize yourself with Online Cricket betting

Cricket has been Indian’s favorite pastime sport for a long time now. When The British colonized the country, the one good thing that they left behind was cricket. The East India Company has introduced the culture of men playing cricket and women sipping on their evening tea while watching them. However, the history of Cricket goes back in time. Initially, they used to roll the ball on the ground. Eventually, they started throwing the fast paced balls and that slowly gave rise to the spins. The batters found new and innovative ways to answer the challenges thrown at them.

Cricket Betting

That brings us back to the art of Online Cricket Betting. What is Online Cricket betting in the first place?

It is a special type of online gambling that involves predictions made about a ‘Live’ cricket game. Here, the player makes a statement in front of the bookmakers and if his statement comes true, they pay him the money that the others lost and he won. There can be different scenarios that the players are making predictions about. It could be the number of runs being made in an over, the balls that the batsman would hit, the wickets in an over or the number of runs that a specific cricketer would make. The boundaries, six and fours, can also be predicted. Ultimately, the biggest bet is placed on which team would eventually win the series or the specific game. While the player must have a keen knowledge of Cricket and its specificities, luck plays a major factor for the win.

The Cricket betting sites would stream an online telecast of the Live game and players can start making small bets and increase the amounts. Not everyone is going to be used to the format or the online set up. However, once we get the hang of it, you will understand What is Online Cricket betting. The whole concept is going to impress the gambling lovers who also find Cricket fascinating. will introduce you to this whole other world of Sports betting.

Is Online Cricket Betting Even Legal In India? will not advertise or promote anything that is not legally allowed by the Government of India. That must already answer the million dollar question posed in the headline. Online cricket betting is legal in India? – It is a debatable question. But a generalized answer would be – Yes, it is legal depending upon where or how you are involved in the betting.
Legal Cricket Betting

If we go by facts, according to the Public Gambling Act of 1867, any kind of chance or luck based betting is illegal in India. You cannot bet on any game where the one placing the bet is not using his skills. In Cricket, we don’t see how a gambling player is using his ‘skill’. However, the ones who are establishing the online cricket gambling setup and invite players to play are stationed overseas. The Indian laws do not apply to them.

The Indian government has rules that clearly specify that Offline Cricket Betting is strictly prohibited except for a few casinos in Goa, Sikkim and Daman. Seeing how these are the party destinations in the country, around 12 different casinos are legally permitted to host offline Cricket Gambling.

The federal law of India doesn’t have any sure shot rules that restrict Online Cricket betting. The central government permits each state to establish their own rules about online cricket gambling. That is why some states are specifically having clear-cut rules about ‘NO Online cricket gambling’. While the rest don’t pay keen attention to them.

So far, no one was severely prosecuted or punished for involving themselves in Online Cricket betting. Seeing how the overseas companies or hosts are owning the betting sites, the Indian jurisdiction or state jurisdiction doesn’t extend there.

Spot the Best Online Betting SItes in India

As soon as you google the websites that are offering you the platform for Online Cricket betting, you’ll see several options. Every site claims that they are the best in the town and beginners will find it really overwhelming to narrow down their options. Here are some of the most important things you should look for while searching for the best online betting sites in India.

Safety and Security

Hot to check betting sites is secure

The best online betting sites in India will always take care of your safety and security. If the website designers want to, they can easily take advantage of the data vulnerability in an online betting set up. You have your payment information, personal data and also money deposited with them. It is highly crucial that the cricket betting site has necessary measures to safeguard your sensitive information. Only the needed information is saved within the database to promote comfortable betting. And if you decide to say bye (highly unlikely, anyway!), we delete everything related to you and do not reproduce or reuse the information that you entrusted us with. This is something every Online Cricket Betting website must do.

Market, Odds and betting selections

Betting Sites on Cricket

What is a market? We would like to think of it as an arena where several competitors are at loggerheads. Be it cricket or any other game, if the market is flourishing, the betting would see great numbers too. Cricket is almost 90% Indian’s favorite sport. And that is why, there is always a vibrant market for Cricket betting.

The odds are not just numbers that flash on your screen! These ratios or decimal numerical statistics will determine the course of the game and you can also predict how much you’d be earning or losing during the match. When the Online betting site displays the odds, based on the chances, you can make bets that can draw you profits.

So, keep your eyes open for those websites that have the bookies announce the odds or there is a display on the screen.

Betting Offers and Promotions

Betting Offers

Betting offers are the baits that the websites use to lure potential betters towards their site. While there are scams out there, you’ll also find solid jackpot in the right places. Certain Online Bookmakers will announce deposit bonuses for seasonal games. Sometimes, you will be winning a trip to Paris with your loved ones. There are instances where people even won gadgets and cash prizes.

Yes, the authentic online cricket betting sites like onlinecricket,bet can definitely afford such pricey benefits to their punters. However, the choice depends on the player, based on his personal preference. Nevertheless, Betting offers and Promotions are lucrative and everyone should look around for them.


Payments Methods in India

There was an instance when my friend gave me a call and said that an online cricket betting site was asking him to download ‘xyz’ payment gateway. It didn’t have reviews on google play store and he was ready to make the download.

Only choose to go with those bookies who are offering you reliable options to release deposits (Net banking, Credit/Debit Card, UPI, Wallets, Cryptocurrency). Also, do a background check of the website on the internet. You never know – once you pay the money, they can disappear off of the world wide web. Try to use bank accounts that have low balance for extra security purposes.

Customer Support

Customer Support Betting Sites

If something goes wrong during the course of the betting process, you must always know which door to knock. Usually, it is the customer support team. These are dedicated groups of people with high technical and practical knowledge related to betting and associated software.

If a website offers you customer service support, know that they are planning to play the game ‘fair’. A good customer support assistance will resolve a lot of issues and clear newbie’s doubts. If money is stuck, the winnings didn’t credit in your bank or you need any other assistance – ’s dedicated customer assistance team will be more than happy to help you.

Software and Navigation

Betting Software & Navigation

There shouldn’t be any complication or confusion about finding your way through the website’s layout. What’s the point of being on a website that you don’t know how to control? Try to choose those sites that have an easier interface with lesser steps to start betting on specific games or sports. Navigating through the game, analyzing the odds, claiming the bonuses and placing the bets should be a piece of cake.

Now that you have an idea as to what are the important parameters to look for while narrowing down the best online cricket betting site, we’ll take a step ahead. Let us understand how to start online betting in India from the next section.

Here’s how to get started with Online Betting in India

If you are new to cricket betting and would like to know the starting steps of how to get started with Online Betting in India, Then this section is for you in entirety. These are the sequential things that you ought to do to get the best online cricket betting experience.

  • 1 Find a suitable Betting Site

    Ofcourse, you should be choosing reliable and safe websites. Even within them, try to choose the one that best suits your preferences. Do you like betting with only a few people or with a crowd? How would you prefer the ambience to be? Should the bookie be a silent spectator or an entertaining addition to the members? Do you want to tally your win based on the odds? Would you like to play with rupees or foreign currency? These all will determine the website that you are opting for. And also, keeping all the criteria mentioned in the previous section in mind, choose any site that lets you enjoy your time watching the sport and earning from it.

  • 2 Register an Account

    Open the official website of the Online Cricket betting site and try to find the ‘Register’ option. Most often than not, it will be displayed in bold on the screen. This is where your journey begins, so the websites make sure that the stepping stone (Register option) is clearly visible. Go and click on it. Enter all the details that the site requires and proceed.

  • 3 Deposit Sufficient Funds

    We must all be very thankful to the developing trends of the monetary technological world. If not for them, depositing money on an online betting site would have been tedious and disappointing. With the growing demand for online payment gateways, newer innovations have come into place. You can use several online tools to deposit sufficient funds for placing your cricket bets on bookmakers. It is fairly easy to transfer your money through UPI, Phonepe, Google Pay or Tez, Mobiwik, Visa?Credit cards, Net Banking, Skrill, or Neteller. Well, some sites even accept cryptocurrency. Choose the payment route and proceed.

  • 4 Analyze the Types of Cricket Betting on the site

    We will further discuss this step in the following sections. But for now, know that every online cricket betting site has a different way of flashing the odds, giving benefits or even releasing promotional offers. This will further determine the kind of Cricket betting being promoted on the site. With that in mind, analyze the pattern of the betting and keep your moves ready.

  • 5 Study the Odds

    The odds will give you a slight insight into how the game is going to end. To be more precise, these are predictions depicted in ratio or percentages that state which team has the most chances of winning. The end result or the winnings also depend on the ratio. That is why you must be studying the odds carefully before taking the leap.

    DISCLAIMER : Very Important Step.


  • 6 Place a Bet

    You have studied the odds and understand how much you will lose/gain if you place your money in the game. When you have this layout all set in your head, you can proceed and make your first bet. Our suggestion would be to start out slow, get the hang of the betting patterns and then try to hit a bigger jackpot. Also, don’t place all your eggs in one basket and consider placing your money for different outcomes in the course of the games (especially during series when you are betting on individual matches).

  • 7 Wait for the verdict

    Patience is the key to success in Online Sports bettings. Especially in Cricket, the game can take a u-turn when you least expect it. So, do not give up in the middle or end up trying to withdraw your funds or simply log out. EIther ways, you are losing the money that you’ve bet with. So, wait for the verdict and keep your eyes open till the last second.

  • 8 Withdraw winnings

    Yayy! This is the part where you reap the results of the crop that you have sown. When you get the final verdict in your favor and what you’ve bet on comes true, wait for the celebration! Let the betting amount reflect in your account on the website and then withdraw after the block period.

Before we explain that, know that betting sites always verifies your identity and payment gateway before releasing the winnings. This is mandatory after the International law made it compulsory to prevent foul practices. The block period is usually between 1 to 3 days before the payment is completely credited to your bank account.

The Most Popular Betting Offers for Online Betting – Beginners Special

Welcome Bonus - 10Cric

First Deposit Welcome Offer

Almost every website that hosts Online Cricket betting provides the best betting offers for online betting for new registrations. This is a good way to attract the crowd and will also help in giving a kick-start to a player’s online betting journey. For instance, imagine a Rs. 1000 joining bonus. Or a Rs.10,000 cash bonus on making your first deposit. These are common offers that sites offer.

However, you need to observe the wagering requirements as well. Bookies usually end up raising the wagering bars along with the huge deposit bonus. To give you an example, a site is offering a Rs. 20,000 deposit bonus (200% deposit bonus) with x5 wagering requirement. The bonus’ benefit is being equally canceled out by the wager expectations. So, look around carefully and don’t fall for the numbers.

Cricket First Deposit

Free bet welcome Offers

Websites eliminate the wagering risk by introducing Free bet welcome offers for new registrations. These betting offers for online betting intend to break the ice and create a kind of trust with the betting site. This free bet simply allows a player to place the bets for free without risking anything or fulfilling pre-determined wagering requirements.

Cashback Bonus

Cashback Parimatch

This is like a medicine for those who have been hit by the shock of losses. When you are placing your bets online, it is inevitable that you will be losing some money. The cashback bonus will return a small portion of your losses in the form of cashback. This might not make a huge difference but having some of the losses back may act as the fuel for further betting. The common percentage that cricket betting sites offer is 5 to 10%.

Weekly reload bonus

A reload bonus in particular is a tactic to re-encourage players who have not been active on the site for a long time. On the other hand, a weekly reload bonus will keep the existing players hooked to the site. A part of your subsequent deposit will be credited in your account as a bonus on a specific day during the week. This is a huge advantage for regular punters.

Welcome Offer – When and Why to Avail it?

Welcome bonus - Betting Cricket

When you are initially checking out your options to settle on the right online cricket betting site, you should avail the welcome offers to test the waters. If you think that you are comfortable with the interface, the course of the game and like the wagering requirements, then you can continue with the website.

  • Step 1: Take your options or listicle out and go to the first website that you want to study or try out.
  • Step 2: Register on the website and enter all the required details. Make sure you are not giving out your card details or payment information here. These are scams.
  • Step 3: You will immediately be shown the main home page. You have to enter your deposit information here and not initially when you are registering. Pay keen attention to the deposit options that the site offers
  • Step 4: As soon as you make your initial deposit (Keep it a small amount), you will see that you’ll either receive a welcome bonus, free bets, wavering of the wager requirements or more. It depends on the site.
  • Step 5: Avail it and enter the betting environment. Observe the odds and the whole market of the place. You can start betting in different formats, if you have no problem with the site’s wagering requirements.
  • Step 6: Lastly, when you win something, see how the withdrawal process works and also the time it takes for the money to reflect in your bank account. FOr safety, only bet small amounts and get small rewards in the beginning.

There are certain things that you need to check before registering yourself on the website – the welcome bonuses, the wagering requirements and time specified to meet the needful, if the bonuses only apply to certain formats, and the authenticity of the odds. The welcome bonuses give you the chance to analyze all these things. It is an advantage that betting websites offer you these golden chances. You have to understand when and why to make use of a welcome offer for getting the best results.

Which options can be called the Best betting sites for cricket 2023

In our personal opinion, the site that offers you everything that you need for your entertainment is the Best betting site for cricket 2023 for you. And we have brought to you various such websites that fall under different categories. Read on to know more.

Cricket Betting Websites

Cricket betting sites in Indian Rupees

As the headline goes, these cricket bettings sites allow you to make transactions in the Indian rupees and Indian friendly payment gateways. They thoroughly understand the Indian Cricket fan base and the preferences of the punters who land up on their doorstep. Here are a few websites that you should watch out for –

  1. 10CRIC
  2. Fun88
  3. Oppa888
  4. Betway
  5. 22Bet

Best cricket betting sites with welcome bonus

These are the cricket betting sites that have impressive welcome bonuses for those punters who are willing to make their first deposit and begin with the betting journey. They can give you 100% to 150% welcome bonuses or even free bets, depending uon their promotional strategy. You need to read the terms and conditions properly before falling for the numbers. I guess you must have comprehended that by now. These websites offer reliable welcome bonuses

  1. 22Bet India – offers a INR 10,000 welcome bonus
  2. Fun88 – offers 150% Welcome bonus – usually upto INR 10,000
  3. Sapphirebet – Bonus upto INR8700
  4. 4- 1Win – 500% welcome bonus
  5. 10CRIC – 150% welcome bonus, upto INR 32,000. Free bets worth INR 500.

Betting sites with best cricket betting odds

Best betting sites for cricket 2023 are those that can provide reliable odds. These will ultimately determine the winning or losing of a particular game. Punters have to always choose websites that study the game better and provide authentic odds that will give players an insight about the course of the game. Then you can place bets accordingly to win in the end and subsequently withdraw the funds. Yes, the odds may not be accurate every single time but the overall statistics should weigh heavily on the accurate side. These websites meet that requirement –

  1. Betway
  2. 10CRIC
  3. Pure win
  4. Casumo Sport (the newest addition but definitely worth the try)
  5. Dafabet

Betting sites with best cricket betting options

The betting options and the formats that you can bet in are very important. What’s the fun if you are only allowed to bet on the end result of a series or a game? You should be allowed to bet on each over, balls, players and sometimes, the team’s loss as well. Only a few websites will give you the chance to bet on various aspects of a game and we have narrowed down 5 such websites that have good betting options

  1. 10CRIC
  2. Betway
  3. Dafabet
  4. Fun88
  5. 1xBet

International betting sites that accept players from India

International betting sites have their headquarters in a different country and also have bookies from different regions. However, they do allow Indian players to play their betting formats and earn money. Some even offer Indian currency options while most of them have Crypto or cards. Any which way, they are paying attention to the needs of Indian audience and re-defining their betting formats to impress the Indian betters. Here are some reliable options in the market currently –

  1. Betway – It is a Malta-based betting site that is also associated with the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.
  2. Parimatch – an European betting site
  3. ComeOn – a recent entry to the Indian Market
  4. 1xBet – Headquarters at Cyprus
  5. Dafabet – a Philippine based Indian Cricket Gambling website

Live cricket betting sites

These are our personal favorites. You get to place your bets while the match is still going on. The website would simultaneously collect the bets from punters while the players are still tackling with the bat and balls. Usually, the bets are made before the game begins. But in these websites, you can place bets after the game has begun during a specified period and then enjoy the events of the game. That is the reason this is also called in-game betting. The best site that allow live sport bets are –

  1. Parimatch
  2. Purewin
  3. Betway
  4. 10CRIC
  5. Dafabet

Betting sites with live streaming

These are going to be the mass favorite in no time! The betting sites offer free streaming of the game while you can place your bets before the game begins or during the game but before the events have taken place. You can see the match for yourself and the odds will be displayed on the home screen. This is very convenient for people who like to feel that adrenaline rush in their blood while the game is being displayed right there while the money is with the bookie.

Here are some sites that show live streaming

  1. 1xBet
  2. Parimatch
  3. Bet365
  4. Betway
  5. 10CRIC

Convenient Deposit Methods For Online Betting In India

India is progressing and we can see the same in the different payment methods that our citizens openly embrace. These payment gateways are accepted by several national and International Cricket betting websites and these deposit methods for online betting in India are also safe and secure. We will introduce them to you now

  • Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe and BHIM UPI

    Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe and BHIM UPIEver since UPI was introduced in India, people haven’t stopped using them. They are swift, easy to use and comprehend, you don’t have to enter long-listed details and most importantly, the transaction is cleared in seconds! That is why the gaming platforms also prefer people who pay through stable UPI IDs from PayTM, Google Pay or Tez, Phone Pe or BHIM UPI (an online payment development from National Corporation of India). You don’t even have to pay an additional transaction fee while releasing payment from these apps.

  • Mastercard

    Mastercard has received whooping success in the electronic payment industry. It allows users to enter their card credentials into a payment gateway along with the amount of money they’d like to release. The same is sent to the opposite recipient who is supposed to get the amount. You can get your respective mastercard from the associated home branch of the bank – either debit or credit cards. Many betting sites allow Mastercard because it is a sure shot option for money transfer with registered proofs to get back to incase of failed transactions.

  • Visa

    Visa is another electronic payment company that issues its cards to the co-branded banks based on prior contracts established between the two. That is something we need not focus on. Similar to mastercard, Visa also provides debit and credit cards that are accepted by different betting sites for initiating the initial and subsequent deposits.

  • IMPS

    IMPSIMPS or the Immediate Payment Service is a boon for all Indians. This Indian method allows banks to transfer funds electronically under mutual understanding in the shortest time possible. The most notable advantage is that this service is available 24/7 even if it is a public holiday. And that is why betting sites happily accept this mode of payment.

  • Netbanking

    This is a handy way to release payment from one bank to the other. Traditionally, people used to go to the bank, contact the manager or clerk to release payment. You stand in lines to deposit the check or tell the recipient bank account details. Net banking slashes out all of this hard work and introduces the same procedure on an online setup. You can sit at home, open the website of your bank and enter the recipient details to send money. The same is happily welcomed by online betting sites because of the fast and steady transactions.

  • Skrill

    This has to be the most favorite e-transfer app for payments, especially in websites that have international origin. Skrill is accepted as a mode of payment in almost all gambling and cricket betting sites all over the world. It also accepts the Indian currency, making it one of the most reliable options for Indians. Another useful feature that most UPI IDs lack is – anonymity. You can stay anonymous and your transaction details are hidden when you send the amount.

  • Eazypay

    This is one of the least known deposit methods for online betting in India. People are usually not aware that this payment method introduced by ICICI is a gaming favorite. Eazypay Charge allows you to release periodic payments easily and this is a huge advantage for punters who wish to release deposits periodically to multiply them during the game.

  • Astropay cards

    Astropay cards are prepaid cards that allow transactions in local currency – which Rupees for us. All the sites that accept Indian currency also happen to encourage payment through Astropay cards as they are swift, reliable and also allow considerably huge payments. You can go with direct debit, bank transfer or even cash transactions using the cards. However, only direct debit and bank transfer are encouraged by cricket betting sites.

  • Neteller

    Neteller is also known for safeguarding the transaction details and financial information of the payer. Just like Skrill, it is accepted throughout the world and almost 95% of the gambling sites and online Cricket/Sports betting platforms welcome Neteller. It is convenient to use, fast and the e-wallet makes it a point that the Indian currency is transferred within seconds without any mid–way interruptions.

  • Rupay

    Rupay is also very similar to mastercard and falls in the same category of allowing – debit, credit, national and international transactions. This happens to be the favorite for bookies who have international bases and allow Indian users to play with them.

  • Ecopayz

    Ecopayz is an online payment platform that allows international transactions in your local currency. All the necessary conversions will be made at the backend and you don’t have to worry about that. This easy and hassle-free feature makes it the most preferred option for online betting.

  • Cryptocurrency

    You must have heard a lot of cryptocurrency during the COVID period. It has become a raging sensation, especially bitcoin and doge coins, thanks to Elon Musk’s subtle publicity. Indians have not completely embraced the concept of crypto and that is why we are listing this option has the least popular. However, there are several betting platforms that accept – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and more for depositing the initial funds.

How to withdraw money from a betting site in India?

After you have won your rewards after successful betting, do not stay confused about How to withdraw money from a betting site in India. More or less, all sites offer the same options and just the location of the click buttons might be different. It is no rocket science that we cannot understand. Let us see how it is done in a simple step by step format.

  • Step 1: After you’ve made your account with the website, you’ll have a small icon – either on top of the page or bottom, that represents your presence on the website. Click on it.
  • Step 2: In your account section, you will find the ‘Withdraw’ option
  • Step 3: Once you click on ‘withdraw’ or ‘withdrawal’, you will find modes through which you can receive your withdrawal amount – Netbanking, UPI, Bank transfer, Astropay Cards, Skrill or Neteller.
  • Step 4: Choose the method that you are comfortable with and follow the prompts according to the mode you chose. The instructions will be clearly displayed.
  • Step 5: Once the process is done, you will be ‘done’, ‘Finish’, or ‘completed’ with the withdrawal procedure.

The Most Famous Online Cricket Betting Formats

A punter can bet on different aspects of the cricket match and get the winning amount when his prediction comes true. Each aspect where you are betting is called the ‘Cricket Betting Format’. Here are certain online cricket betting formats that Indians bet on.

  • 🏆 The Winner of the Match

    This is fairly easy to understand. When two teams are competing against each other, let us assume that Australia and Newzealand are at loggerheads. A bet on who would ultimately take the trophy home is called betting on the Winner of the Match.

  • 🏅 The Winner of the Toss

    Before the match begins, the two captains of the competing teams would go for a toss to determine who’d bat or bowl. Here, in this format, you can bet on who would win the match.

  • 🏏 Best Batsman

    You will be betting on who would be making the most runs and proving to be the best asset for the match. The bet can be placed for an individual game, entire series, the tournament as a whole or even only on one side of the team.

  • 🥇 Best Player

    You can also call this the ‘Man of the Match’. The one player who would prove to get the most appreciation for turning the tables – you can place your bets on anyone from either team.

  • 💎 Best Individual Score

    WIth his wager, you place your bets to say that a particular player is going to score the best individual score irrespective of who would be winning the game. The batsman can belong from either of the teams.

  • ☑️ Total

    This is fairly simple to understand – the total runs of the game. Here, the punters will be betting on which team would be making ‘how many’ runs where they would place a rough estimate of how much the team can make. The one with the closest or the bang on prediction will take the money home.

  • 💡 Handicap

    Like we said earlier, the game can be unpredictable and the tables can turn anytime. There is no guarantee that the game’s flow would remain the same. So, handicap is an event where a specific selection is given a ‘handicap’ that it needs to overcome to register a win. Let us assume that India are playing NewZealand today and the initial odds were at 50/55. However, India made a whopping 250 runs! You’d now place a handicap of, let’s say, -30.5 – which is an apparent target for New Zealand to win, bringing the odds slightly in your favor.

Leagues and Tournaments for Online Cricket Betting in India

There are different Leagues and Tournaments for Online Cricket Betting that you can confidently bet on. Here are a few listed for you.

Cricket leagues

Cricket Leagues

Indian Premier League (IPL)

Indian Premier League is one of the most loved Cricket League in the country. The Indian and International players are going to form teams that represent specific Indian states. The united nation that is known for its diversity is going to start cheering for their respective states and players. Betting enthusiasts can place their amounts on toss, the winning team, best batsman, best bowler, individual scores, man of the match and also the ultimate trophy win.

ICC World Cup (ICC CWC)

ICC World Cup

The world cup involves different international teams competing for a single trophy. It has 20 overs and different teams have to stay on the top 4 of the table to be able to qualify for the semi finals and they will be further short listed to go to the finals. It has a ODi format and it becomes all the more interesting and challenging to follow the odds and place the bets.

World T20

T20 Cricket

This is a men’s international T20 championship that currently has about 16 teams that compete against each other in a ODI format for a single trophy. It is usually played with a constant gap of two years. You can bet on the teams to say which would qualify for later rounds, the winning team, Man of the series, individual scores, bowling aspects and of course, the initial winning toss of all games that are played.

ICC Champions Trophy (ICC)

ICC Champions Trophy

Unfortunately, we didn’t have a ICC Champions Trophy in the previous year – 2021. Owing to COVID and the widespread terror around the same, ICC desided that World T20 would be the only game we’d get to see. However, ICC champions trophy is an ODI tournament where you can bet on the same aspects as T20. However, you can bet on the highest score at the end of the day, the number of boundaries, toss and more.

The Ashes Series (The Ashes)

The Ashes Series

You will get to feel the adrenaline rush of this series every two years. England and Australia compete against each other. Indians love cricket in general. They do not mind if the blue army is not a part of the game, they’d still watch it. It is a test series that usually consists of five games and the one with the most wins will bag the winning trophy.

Big Bash League (BBL)

Big Bash League

BBL is Australia’s version of the Indian IPL betting. It was previously known as the KFC Big Bash League. It usually has eight city based franchises of Australia competing against each other to win the trophy. You will usually witness this game during the summer months – December, January and February in Australia. Each team in the series would play at least twice against all other teams – which means there are about 56 matches before the series finale. So, there is a huge scope for betting.

England NatWest T20 Blast League (Natwest)

England NatWest T20

If India and Australia have their own Premier leagues where native players compete against each other, England would want one too. In T20 Blast, The English and Weish first class counties would play against each other in teams. The commercial sponsorship of these games is so huge that internationally people pay keen interest on the games and bet accordingly after studying the odds. Indians do it all the time!

Cricket South Africa T20 Challenge (CSA)

Cricket South Africa T20

This is a domestic T20 tournament in South Africa that sees several South African players compete in teams against each other. It has been most recently also named as RamSlam T20 tournament. The South Africans also take players from other countries to compete in the game. That is what attracts the world audience to look at the course of the game. Indians can mingle with international crowds to place their bets in these games.

Caribbean Premier League (CPL)

Caribbean Premier League

This premier league has a touch of the carnival season in the Caribbean islands. It is an annual game that usually falls around the same time as the carnival in the islands. It feels like a total celebration both for the punters and the crowd in the country. Six teams compete against each other – in two phases – Group Stage and Knockout stage. Each team plays about 10 games.

Bangladesh Premier League (BPL)

Bangladesh Premier League

Bangladesh Premier League consists of seven franchises that compete against each other. In the league stage, each team would compete at least twice against all other teams. The winning teams would qualify for play offs and take part in the finals. It is interesting to bet on the different aspects of this particular league.

Cricket Tournaments that Indians Love to Bet On



Be it Rishabh Pant’s sledging or Virat Kohli’s support to Steve Smith, Australia and India’s cricket matches are popular for all the interesting reasons. The ICC T20 tournament, ODI Tournaments or Test series, the two teams compete against each other fiercely and the outcomes are hard to predict. This makes betting even more challenging for punters. The recent ODi series saw the odds slowly drift from indian side to the Australians and this created quite an interesting environment for further betting.

Super Smash

Super Smash

We find it very fascinating that people in india are huge fans of NewZealand players. That is why they are also aware of the Super Smash T20 tournament. It is similar to IPL and is played in NewZealand with their native players. The rounds include the double round robin, elimination final to decide the final teams and finally the last match against the two teams.

ICC Cricket World Cup

Cricket Tournaments

We have discussed the ICC Cricket World Cup previously. But we need to mention this under the Tournaments as well. This is because the betting would differ when we are viewing it as a normal league and a tournament. Punters can place bets by viewing it as a complete tournament where you can predict the winners, the man of the series, the highest score in the entire series, the most half centuries or more.

T20 World cup

T20 World cup

The two different phases – Group stage and Kock out are what we discussed before. However, you can view this as an entire tournament and place the bets on the final verdict. T is a heavy weighing bet with a huge risk. The odds keep changing frequently but the whole fun is because of the way the bookies handle the course of the game.

Asia Cup

Asia Cup

The ODI and T20 format are combined here and all the famous Asian Teams would come together to present a large show. It was initially introduced to create a sense of goodwill between the Asian countries. But the same is proving to be the case with betting enthusiasts as well.

Commonwealth Bank series

Commonwealth Bank series

The Australians and the two touring teams would compete in the commonwealth bank series. It is a tri-series in the ODI format and has an ODI format. It has a triangular round robin style and then the best of three finale would follow later. Usually the two touring teams could be any from 10 nations participating. The first ever commonwealth bank series saw Australia pitted against India. Sadly, the game was ruled out because of rain. It is quite thrilling to bet on the odds in this series.