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Our conditions are related to your personal data, use of cookies, and utilization of information from our website for different purposes. Therefore, you are required to go through our terms and conditions as by using our services, you place your consent in them.

Protection Strategy

We use your email address only for sending newsletters and latest updates on promotional packages. If you no longer wish to receive such emails, simply unsubscribe from this service by erasing your email address from our servers. Similarly, as a part of improving our services, we make effective use of analytics. These are meant to anonymously record your conduct and collaborations on the site. This data is only to comprehend what our clients need from our site to make it significantly more fast and reachable. Therefore, we never sell or share this data with an outsider.

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The cookies in Onlinecricket.bet serve to enhance your experience by optimizing the website in accordance with your preferences. We may utilize cookies for storing fundamental data on your commenting, voting and other basic activities. All this is meant to provide you better service on each visit.

Copyright agreement

We allow our clients to share or republish the information on our webpages anywhere. This is free of any charge provided that you CREDITED us as makers. Moreover, other different forms of duplicating or stealing data are strictly prohibited.

Outbound connections

We believe in transparency. So, you may find links to other sites sourcing the data at different instances. This ensures provision of relevant and state-of-the-art data on our site. But at the same time, it should be noted that we endorse just the data that has been linked by us. It does not in any way reach out past to other data on that site.