IPL Betting Apps

Indian Premier League is a popular Cricket event that happens every year. Excitingly, punters can make profits while betting on the various matches of the league. Notably, India has many betting firms for gambling on sporting events. Besides, they have mobile apps that punters can download and engage in betting activities using such apps. This article delves deep into the online IPL betting apps. Read it carefully to learn more about such useful apps.

Best apps for IPL betting in India

You have most likely heard or seen adverts about cricket betting apps in India. However, you may not be sure which is the best online IPL betting app because you have not tried any of them yet. However, this should not worry you because we will reveal the best online betting apps IPL 2023 you can rely on.

Note that the best app for IPL betting would have certain features that make it stand out. For example, you can find live streaming features, fast deposit options, high levels of security, many betting markets, offers an iOS and android application, and much more. These are the most recommended IPL cricket betting apps for placing your IPL predictions:

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  • Works best for android & iOS
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  • Compatible for all android & iOS
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Mobile Betting Sites vs. Mobile Betting Apps

There are tons of sportsbooks available for punters to make predictions and win or lose money. In this case, there are those that are based on the mobile online version and the mobile apps. The mobile betting sites utilize the browsers you have on your phone while the apps are available for download from the app stores.

However, these two have some pros and cons even though they play similar roles. Thus, this section will take you through the various advantages and disadvantages of using the mobile versions of the betting websites and mobile applications.

Mobile betting sites

Check out the pros and cons below


  1. they do not demand that you add anything to your mobile device.
  2. They are incredibly easy to access.
  3. They offer a similar betting experience, just like the official desktop version.


  1. It May not always be simple to utilize
  2. You may not get some bonuses.

Betting apps

These are the pros and cons of using mobile’S best IPL betting apps


  1. You will get special bonuses for opting for the app.
  2. They are convenient for betting on the go.
  3. They provide real-time updates when allowed to show notifications.
  4. These apps store your history and preferences.


  1. They take up some of your device’s storage space.
  2. Some apps might require regular updating, which consumes your phone data and space too.

Is IPL Betting Legal in India?

Yes, online betting is legal in India. Though there have been laws and regulations that prohibit gambling, it is now possible for punters to engage in online IPL betting. Remember, IPL is a famous Indian league, and out of the more than 1 billion Indians, you would expect many of them to predict the outcomes of the various IPL matches.

Thus, punters from various cities in India and the countryside can place bets using various apps without being punished. This is because it is legal to wager bets on the IPL. Also, you should be certain that the betting platforms have valid sports betting licenses and adhere to India’s gambling regulations. Therefore, you can bet using your favorite mobile site or IPL app and make a profit.

More Recommended IPL Betting Apps

SO, which app is best for ipl betting in India? Now that there are tons of IPL betting apps, it would be a bit challenging to choose the right ones. However, this should not worry you since we will recommend a few free IPL betting apps that you can use for your predictions. The apps we recommend are fully licensed, offer secure payment options, display different betting markets, support responsible gambling efforts, offer excellent customer service, provide punters with in-play betting, and much more.

Here are the betting apps we recommend;



10Cric is a great betting app for punters. It offers both iOS and Android applications for the respective devices. his IPL cricket betting app is popular among bettors for its excellent services and offers there is no difference whether you play betting sites online or in the app. Besides, it has a super clean design that makes navigation easy. Also, it provides punters with impressive promos to help them enjoy more betting even when their bankroll is not high. Notably, it accepts the safest and most secure options for payments. Besides the IPL, this app offers additional 30 sports that you can bet on. Therefore, it is a great betting app that you should consider.

Pros and Cons of 10CRIC

  • Features awesome odds.
  • Accepts many convenient payment methods.
  • Offers fast cashouts.
  • Its live betting is not up to the expected standard.



If you want to bet on a globally recognized brand, you can join Betway. Betway serves India with great offers that you may not find elsewhere. In addition, you can find an iOS or Android app at the respective stores. This means that the IPL online betting app caters to every bettor. When it comes to betting markets, you will have tons of options to bet on, especially for the IPL. Millions of Indians trust this app; thus, you can regard it too as a great choice for your IPL predictions.

Pros and Cons of BetWay

  • It has a great app.
  • It offers a variety of betting markets.
  • Well-reputed across India.
  • Reliable payment options.
  • Impressive promos.
  • None at the moment.



You can place your IPL bets on this app. It has secure choices for adding real money into the account. Also, it is licensed and helps bettors bet responsibly through its various guidelines. You can bet on plenty of markets available on the app. We can confidently endorse it for your IPL betting needs.

Choose it, and you will not regret joining it.

Pros and Cons of PureWin

  • Great payment options.
  • Good offers.
  • Offers a mobile app for convenience.
  • Its in-play betting can perform better.

IPL Apps for Android and iOS

As stated earlier, betting firms ensure that you can access the betting markets on your mobile device. That is why they introduced apps for both Android and iOS devices. Therefore, it is possible for bettors to sign up and bet on various sports using apps. These online IPL betting apps provide punters with the same betting opportunities and services. Thus, we cannot claim that this one is better than the other one. Besides, they are just meant for specific devices. Indeed, most betting firms have both iOS and Android apps. This means that bettors using iPhones can bet on the iOS apps while those using smartphones can utilize the android apps.


The android IPL mobile app caters to users with smartphones. You can download this unique IPL betting app from Google Play Store. Moreover, you will find various markets, unique promos, great customer care, and much more while using this app. The betting opportunities will be the same as those found on the iOS apps. Thus, there are no big differences. The primary objective of the apps is to create a way for the users of the various devices.


If you use an iPhone, you will need to download the iOS betting apps IPL from the Apple App Store. Exclusively, you will get promos for using the app. Besides, you will still enjoy safe and secure ways to add funds and withdraw real money when you win bets. Thus, there are no major differences that distinguish the apps from the android apps. They both provide you with the same features.

Top-5 IPL Betting Apps for Real Money

The main objective is to make money from your IPL bets. Happily, this is possible even when using the iOS and Android apps. This section covers the best IPL betting apps in India that you can use to bet on the most famous Indian league. The top online betting apps IPL happen to be the few choices that provide punters with excellent betting services- from adding funds to withdraw the winnings.

  1. 10Cric
  2. Betway
  3. Pure Win
  4. Parimatch
  5. ComeOn.

Top 3 IPL Betting Apps for iOS

In India, iOS devices have special IPL betting apps to help them bet conveniently. And these are the top three IPL online betting apps for the iOS devices:

  • ComeOn
  • Betway
  • Parimatch

Top 3 IPL Betting Apps for Android

Punters using smartphones for IPL betting can use IPL betting apps specifically created for their devices. These apps are called the android apps because they are highly compatible with the smartphone operating system. Notably, it is worth saying that you will still access the same betting opportunities just like any other bettor. The top three android apps for IPL betting are:

  • 10Cric
  • Pure Win
  • 22Bet

How to evaluate apps for betting in IPL?

Finding the best online betting app for IPL should be the initial task. Remember that if you join a scam app, you may end up losing your money, your device’s data being stolen, and other sad outcomes. Thus, it is a pretty idea to select the best IPL app before you can venture into active IPL betting.

You need a proven criterion for selecting the best betting apps for IPL. And here are the right criteria:

  1. Licensing – You should only use apps that have valid gambling licenses. Note that a license indicates that the firm follows all the betting guidelines and is under the regulation of the authority that licenses it. Therefore, in case of any disputes, the authority can intervene to help you get your winnings.
  2. Features – You should download apps for IPL bettingthat offer many betting features. For example, you may want to bet on live games. Thus, you will certainly need a betting app IPL that offers in-play bets, live game feeds, and much more.
  3. Impressive promos – Read reviews to find out if the online betting app IPL you intend to play on offers great promos to its bettors.
  4. Security features- Your data should be safe and secure on the app you choose. Thus, while reading the app’s review, try to figure out if it actually stores user data well.
  5. Payment options – The IPL best betting app must accept various options for adding funds into the account. These options should be convenient, safe, secure, and offered by fully licensed payment processing firms.
  6. Availability of the mobile apps – It is great to opt for a betting firm that offers an app for both iOS and Android device users. This app will enable the punters to place bets on the go and still take advantage of the various promos offered specifically for those using the mobile apps.

IPL Betting Tips for Mobile Bettors

IPL mobile betting is quite easy, but you may need to mind the following tips:

  • Choose the best app

Usually, only the best IPL betting app offers excellent services and features. Thus, you should use the evaluation tips to find the app that will offer you top-notch betting services.

  • Leverage bonuses

If the betting app for IPL offers a welcome bonus, make sure you utilize it fully. This is just an offer to welcome you to the app, and it can help you learn how the IPL bookie app works and still place bets to win. Besides, you can review its terms and conditions that might apply to the specific promo.

  • Learn the IPL betting basics

Having in-depth knowledge of different aspects of the IPL can help improve your best winning chances. Therefore, do not just place any bets hoping to win. You should learn the sport from various tipsters and advisors. You can watch videos on how to bet on the IPL and still leverage other sources of information.

Remember, knowledge is power, and you can achieve a lot if you gain it first. Besides, it would be best if you have a friend or a colleague who bets on the IPL. They can help you learn a lot that you will use in IPL betting.

Why Mobile Betting is so Popular in India

As per reports, India has more than 750 million people that own or use smartphones. Moreover, this number is still rising, and it may soon hit high records. Remember, a mobile phone is just a tiny device that you can easily carry with you as you move around. In addition, this small device has potential since it can help you access the internet or conduct other businesses without even traveling or having to leave your current location.

When it comes to betting, you will not travel to a physical shop to place your bets. This is because you can just use the mobile device to bet on the sports you like the most. Thus, the advent of mobile versions of IPL betting has popularized betting on mobile phones. Certainly, there are mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices that punters can use for betting. Therefore, the popularity has been fueled by improved convenience, access to betting markets, and the ability to pay online.

How to download the IPL betting app?

When you want to bet on the IPL using apps, the first step would be downloading and installing the app on your device. Luckily, there are apps for each device, be it iOS or Android, you can find an app. In some cases, you might be able to download the best betting app for IPL from the respective app stores.

Unfortunately, cricket betting app download is not always possible following government restrictions. However, you can find the apps right on the website of the betting firm.

  1. Visit the bookmarker you want to join for betting.
  2. Click on the IPLbet app link provided on the homepage.
  3. You will be redirected to the right page for IPL betting app download.
  4. Besides, the firm will provide guidelines on successfully downloading the app and installing it on your device.

Bonuses for IPL Betting Apps in India

The best IPL betting app in India offers a unique bonus for the bettors. For example, the following apps offer the bonuses indicated beside them:

  • Pure Win- 100% up to 15,000 INR
  • Shangri La- 100% of up to 25, 000 INR
  • Fun88- of up to 10 000 INR
  • 4rabet- 230% of up to 23 000 INR
  • 10Cric- 200% of up to 15 000 INR

How to Deposit on IPL Betting Apps

You need to create the account on the IPL betting app india you have chosen if you do not own one yet. Verify the account and check out any available promos. On the homepage, you will be able to see various payment options accepted by the app. You can click on ‘Deposit funds’ into the account and then choose the payment method you deem right. You can now add as many funds as you would like.

The best IPL betting apps in India by category

The best apps for IPL are known for their excellent betting services. These apps will never disappoint when it comes to odds, betting markets, security, and much more. Thus, these are the best apps we will discuss below:

  • Betway – the best betting site 2023
  • 10Cric- the best IPL promotions site.
  • Parimatch- the best live sport betting IPL app.

Best betting site 2023

Betway comes on top of the betting sites in India. It is a unique choice for both IPL betting newbies and experts. The site offers great odds for the IPL and other sports. Besides, you will enjoy impressive promos and bonuses if you join this site. In addition, the site offers a comprehensive blog named the Betway Insider. In this unique blog, you can read a lot of details regarding tournaments and sports in general.

Additionally, there is a space dedicated to Indian Premier League Betting. Thus, you can find IPL news, predictions, tips, and trends. Remember, you can use these tips, trends, news, and predictions to place the bets. Therefore, this site offers you resources for your research. We can conclude that it is a great site for IPL betting in 2023 and even beyond.

The best IPL promotions site

10Cric is the best IPL betting app in this category. Punters leverage some of the most fantastic promotions on this site. Indeed, you can get a huge welcome bonus when you register on this IPL betting site. Besides, the site will have special promos for you regularly. This means you will be able to place many bets and win more.


Parimatch provides you with a live stream of the IPL and other sports. Happily, you will not need to make any additional payment to access the live stream. Also, it works well on the mobile version. Thus, you can easily bet and watch the matches on the site. Conclusively, use this site for your live streaming needs, and you will enjoy the best experience.

Best betting apps IPL

As stated earlier, only the top apps offer excellent IPL betting services. Thus, you can pick your favorite choice from the best apps we have revealed in the above sections. Notably, each of our recommendations offers excellent services on both the iOS and Android apps. Lastly, you can still access the sites using your PC.


How to choose the best IPL betting apps?

Consider aspects such as license, reputation, available payment options, and live streaming options.

Can I bet on cricket betting apps IPL in India?

Yes, you can set up your account with IPL betting apps in India and bet on betting online India. There are many licensed apps available, but you can use the ones we have approved for you.

Are there any bonus programs in betting apps for IPL?

Yes, the online betting apps for IPL have welcome packages for the new punters. Besides, they also provide you with regular promos in terms of the match deposit bonus, cashback, and free bets.

How to play for real money in IPL betting apps in india?

You will need to upload real money into the app and place bets, and if you win, you can cash out real money using safe and secure methods.

Which IPL betting app is best for IPL betting?

Betway is your go-to IPL betting application for all your IPL betting needs. It has the best bonuses, live streams, odds, and much more.

Is the IPL betting app legal in India in 2023?

Yes, it is legal to bet on the IPL.