The Best IPL Toss Prediction

You can only bet on a cricket match with the word toss being mentioned when the match starts. It is among the oldest traditions in cricket. The best toss prediction market load is equally old even in today’s match. The toss prediction has never changed for the past 145 years of international cricket. The first test match was conducted in 1877.

In the betting world, the best toss prediction does cover not only the IPL match but also the county championship, Asia Cup and the world cupcricket matches (T20). Before any test cricket match begins, a coin is tossed to determine which captain will choose who will bat and bowl first. The best toss prediction is a common search on Google since many people enjoy doing it.


A coin toss is a random occurrence. The idea behind the best toss prediction only exists in theories. Whenever the coin goes up, the teams playing have a 50-50% opportunity of winning the toss. The coin toss is not only meant for cricket match predictions but also a fun activity.

The good thing about the coin toss is that there is no biasness. Cricket betting tips offer a thoroughly-researched review of the IPL match toss load prediction.

To better understand the IPL toss prediction, cricket betting first has a record of different tosses in the Indian Premier League since IPL 2008.

Always remember that coin toss occurs by chance, not plan. There is no definite formula for winning the coin toss or your favourite team winning today’s match. The following data is about the IPL 2022 match toss prediction for all eight teams and their percentage wins.

Team Matches % Win Won Toss
Delhi Capitals 9 67 6
Royal Challengers Bangalore 10 60 6
Gujarat Titans 9 56 5
Punjab Kings 9 22 2
Sunrisers Hyderabad 9 89 8
Rajasthan Royals 9 11 1
Chennai Super Kings 9 33 3
Mumbai Indians 9 56 5
Kolkata Knight Riders 10 60 6
Lucknow Super Giants 10 50 5

The Toss Betting Sites

There are several toss load cricket wagering sites in the betting market but you may need the best toss prediction strategy to help you earn more with a toss bet. All the betting sites aim to be top for the cricket matches. They offer the best odds on who is the toss winner. This is one of the most famous bets in the cricket betting markets that can go well with your cricket match prediction. The bet is made on a coin flip, and the sites know the exact chances for every outcome.

If you want to place bets for the best toss predictions, ensure that you settle for an online betting site with the highest potential payouts. Some of these betting companies have been in the gambling industry for a while, others are new entrants. Whatever the case, they are performing well in the IPL toss prediction. The following is a list of the cricket betting sites offering the best toss predictions:

  • Dafabet
  • Casumo
  • LeoVegas
  • Betway
  • 4Rabet
  • 10Cric
  • Pure Win
  • Unibet
  • ComeOn
  • 22Bet

The Top Toss Betting Odds

A toss betting site with a poor toss load or the odds are quite disappointing. The above toss betting sites have amazing toss odds. The following table indicates each sitetheir respective toss betting odds, and bonus packages.

Site Toss Odds Bonus
Dafabet 1.92 Deposit ₹17,000 and receive ₹45,000
Leo Vegas 1.91 Deposit ₹10,000 and receive ₹20,000
22Bet 1.91 Deposit ₹10,000 and receive ₹20,000
Unibet 1.91 Deposit ₹4,000 and receive ₹8,000
Betway 1.90 Deposit ₹2,500 and receive ₹5,000 1.90 Receive ₹3,000 free bets
Pure Win 1.89 Deposit ₹10,000 and receive ₹20,000
10Cric 1.89 Deposit ₹10,000 and receive ₹20,000
4Rabet 1.89 Deposit ₹20,000 and receive ₹40,000
Casumo 1.87 Deposit ₹10,000 and receive ₹20,000

Note that with the bonuses, you first make deposits before claiming them.

Coin Toss- Why It Matters

coin toss

There are some things that you can research about the coin toss. For instance, will the team captains select the bat first or second after winning the coin toss? What is the importance of batting order? These two questions have a great impact on the game. It also affects other things like:

  • The sun’s position
  • Knowing the target to hit in order to win
  • The pitch changes as the game goes on
  • Being unsure about the pitch’s nature
  • Desiring to play it safe

The side winning the coin toss is at a greater advantage of improving its percentages. It has a 10% higher chance of winning in a test match and 4% in an ODI. Any top cricketer should take advantage of this without giving up.

Furthermore, coin toss prediction cannot be easily fixed or faked. It is impossible to really know the exact outcome. For those whose interest is live betting on different matches, the coin toss winner can’t be ignored.

You may be wondering whether there is any advantage to the coin toss. This question will be handled with the test match data for eight major test nations in the 21st century.

  1. Generally, the team toss winner won 45% of all the played matches as opposed to the 39% wins after losing the coin toss. There is a 6% improvement after winning the toss. Sri Lanka has depended on the toss wins in winning the test matches in the 21st century.
  2. India, South Africa, and Australia won at least 50% of the played matches- this is catchy because more than 20% of the test matches finish as draws.
  3. South Africa, Pakistan, and Australia had a 9% advantage after clinching the toss, while India got 8%.
  4. West Indies and England have not had any toss advantage. Their win % is the same despite the toss outcome.
  5. Major teams in the IPL season contain similar draw percentages despite the toss results. The only exception here is New Zealand and India. The rest of the teams have made more draws upon losing the toss.

The following tables show how different teams have performed in the toss matches (world cup T20), both winners and losers.

Won the Toss

Team Win% Loss% Draw% Toss Advantage%
Sri Lanka 46 30 24 15
England 43 34 22 0
South Africa 54 27 19 9
West Indies 21 55 24 0
India 50 22 28 8
Australia 63 22 15 9
Pakistan 45 36 19 9
New Zealand 38 33 29 2
Summary 45 32 22 6

Lost the Toss

Team Win% Loss% Draw% Toss Advantage%
Sri Lanka 31 45 24 15
England 43 34 23 0
South Africa 45 34 21 9
West Indies 21 53 26 0
India 43 32 26 8
Australia 54 29 17 9
Pakistan 36 44 19 9
New Zealand 36 40 24 2
Summary 39 38 23 6

The final table shows the various teams, the toss stats, bat first and their percentages, bowl first, and percentages.

Team Total Toss Won Bat First Bat First % Bowl First Bowl First %
South Africa  

68 72 26 28
Sri Lanka  

71 67 35 33
Australia 114 97 85 17 15
New Zealand  

39 48 43 52

50 63 30 38

83 80 21 20
West Indies  

50 50 50 50
England 134 97 72 37 28

Some of the extracts from the above data include:

  • Australia and India bat first after topping in the toss. England and Sri Lanka bat first 70% of the time.
  • In the 100 tests of the 21st century, WIs have bowled and batted the first 50% every time.
  • New Zealand is the only team that has bowled first upon winning the toss.

The Significance of the Toss in Various Cricket Formats

The coin toss is very important depending on the cricket format that is being played. It gives cricket fans an opportunity to make toss predictions. In this segment, we shall focus on three areas:

  • Influence of Toss on T20 match
  • Influence of Toss on the initial matches
  • Influence of Toss on One Day International

Influence of Toss on T20 Match

coin toss cricket game

In the shortest format of a game, the coin toss is not as important as in the longer one. Surprisingly, most teams choose to bowl first in T20s. The team form has a certain target that outweighs other factors like weather, pitch conditions, etc. Additionally, the dew factor assists the team in batting second place.

Influence of Toss on Test Matches

The coin toss in test matches favours the team batting first. This is because as the game progresses, the pitch worsens. The pitch cracks assist bowlers in generating a pace and variable pounce on the fourth and fifth days. This makes it hard for the team’s batsmen that are playing in the fourth innings.

However, there is always a temptation. A surface that is full of grass entices the winning captain, who is most likely to win, to bowl in the first and green tops. The weather condition, surface, and pitch also play a crucial part in the decision-making at the toss.

Overcast conditions assist bowlers in carrying the ball around. Some teams love bowling under these conditions. Some teams love to bat first on dusty and dry surfaces.

Influence of Toss on One Day International

In this category, the conditions don’t change, especially in the 50-over matches. Mostly the matches last for just a single day. In some cases, the surface behaves differently or slows down because of weather conditions impacting the verdict at the toss.

If dew is predicted to drop in the evening, teams will bat second as it is hard for bowlers to hold the wet ball. Here, batting becomes extremely easy with the dew around because the ball tends to move through and onto the bat at variable bounce and pace.

In case of the rains, as the match progresses, teams opt for the DLS method to favor the team batting second.

Other Factors

cricket game moment

Besides the above factors, there are also others like game type (round-robin, knockout), team composition, etc. Knockout matches are high-pressure runs and games on the board. With all these factors in place, what does a captain do upon toss winning? The answer to this will shock you! The following are our findings:

  • The captains bowl first upon winning the coin toss.
  • Punjab Kings, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Delhi Capitals, and Kolkata Knight Riders go for bowling first in more than 65% of examples. The highest is RCB’s 71%.
  • Besides CSKs, the rest of the teams bowl first instead of batting first.
Team Total Matches Tosses Won Bat First Bat First % Bowl First Bowl First %
Kolkata Knight Riders 209 106 35 33 71 67
Delhi Capitals 210 108 37 34 71 66
Royal Challengers Bangalore 210 97 28 29 69 71
Rajasthan Royals 175 95 35 37 60 63
Mumbai Indians 217 114 28 45 63 55
Punjab Kings 204 90 28 31 62 69
Chennai Super Kings 194 103 53 51 50 49
Sunrisers Hyderabad 138 64 27 42 37 58

The captain’s decision to bowl first upon winning the toss is a trend in the IPL. Is it applicable to the match outcomes too? What do statistics comment about the IPL coin toss? Here is a brief:

  • A coin toss win does not influence the match result in any way for all the playing teams.
  • CSKs have the highest score of 65% wins. There is no other team that has ever performed this well.
  • Kolkata Knight Riders, Mumbai Indians, and RCBs have more than 50% wins.
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad (45% wins), Punjab Kings (43% wins), Delhi Capitals (43% wins0, and Rajasthan Royals (49% wins) have lost more matches upon winning the toss.
Team Team Matches Total Wins Toss Wins Match Wins after winning the toss % Match Wins after winning the toss
Royal Challengers Bangalore 210 100 97 49 51
Mumbai Indians 217 127 114 67 59
Rajasthan Royals 175 86 95 47 49
Kolkata Knight Riders 209 108 106 59 56
Punjab Kings 204 94 90 39 43
Delhi Capitals 210 96 108 52 48
Sunrisers Hyderabad 138 69 64 29 45
Chennai Super Kings 194 117 103 67 65

The Coin Toss Math

To understand how to win the toss, this section will give you some valuable insights. Here is an example of the expected returns in the bet of a coin toss. Most betting sites offer you around 1.90 odds for any side that will win the toss. Some of them even go lower than 1.80. The maths is straightforward: a coin toss is a 50/50 deal. You will win 90 and lose 100 halves the time. The loss here is 5% per bet.

The Relationship Between House Edge and Toss Predictions

Next, we shall look at the relationship between coin toss predictions and a house edge. The edge is the mathematical benefit of a gambling game. You may wonder how it relates to the toss predictions. Let us find out!Most sites offer toss prediction odds of 1.90 for the teams winning the toss. Some will give toss odds of as low as 1.80. In this case, it is a 50/50 scenario.

For instance: 100 bets of 1 each will give you 50 times the loss and 50 times ₹1.90 payout

The total payout will be 50x₹1.9= ₹95

So you will have wagered a loss of ₹5 in total and ₹100 to win ₹95

On average you have lost ₹5/100 = ₹0.05 per bet. Generally, this offers you a house edge of 5%, which resembles an American Roulette table.

The Bat Toss in Cricket

cricket game

The bat toss was introduced by the Big Bash League in the year 2018-2019. It tried to alter the over 140-year-old coin flip or coin toss tradition that has been predominant for generations. During the bat flip toss, captains prefer the terms “hills” or “flats.”

There was a specifically built custom that was created for the toss. Lachlan Dinger made bats forAlyssa Healy, Tim Pain, and Usman Khawaja. The tosses were fairly balanced, while the bat toss had its share of difficulties.


You can toss a coin as many times as you wish. It is a great exercise if you want to understand probabilities and have a better variation. Always remember that good bets will win while bad ones will lose. Get all the information to determine which is which. You can win the toss many times with a proper strategy. All the best in your future toss predictions endeavor!

Does the toss affect the match odds?

The chances of a coin toss ending up in the head or tail are 50%. The same applies before a toss is completed. Financial markets and sporting events do not give the same certainty. Therefore, the match odds of a given result will change in time before it begins.

What is the effect of the cricket match predictions on the toss?

The toss affects the shorter match format, like the T20. On a green surface or overcast day, winning the toss shifts the odds in place of the bowling team. The toss has an influence on the results of a match.

Which sites have the best toss odds?

Some of the sites that will offer you the best toss odds include:

  • 888sport- 1.91
  • Parimatch- 1.9
  • ComeOn- 1.9
  • 10Bet- 1.9
  • Betway- 1.91

Is there a live toss in the matches?

Yes, at the beginning of every match, there is a live toss conducted to determine which team will first bat or bawl. In the matches on the TV, one of their presenters will be at the toss odds and a match referee. The referee ensures that the toss is sure and fixed 100%. The presenter’s work is to communicate with the winning captain about who has the potential to win the toss.