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Dafabet mobile app is one of the most known software globally that provides numerous online games favorable for sports betting. The software is supported by mobile devices powered by Ios and Android. In addition, the Dafabet mobile app can be used anywhere across the globe and allows various methods of depositing and withdrawing money.

System Requirement

The Dafabet mobile app appears unique and straightforward since the punter can use it even when the phone is off. However, the app cannot be downloaded on any phone but only those that are powered by Android and IOs. Apart from the type, your phone must be of the recent version and contain enough space for the app.

The phone should have a free space of about 10MB, an internet speed of 3G, a high processing power of 1.2GHz or higher, and a ram of 1GB and above. Again, the Dafabet betting app occupies some space in the phone and only operates well when the system is well-maintained, and settings are set.

Download the Dafabet App on Android

Dafabet mobile app is available on their official website, and the punters who had registered initially online can download it by pressing the download icon. Apart from obtaining it from the portal, you can get the app in the google apple store and download it directly. However, before downloading, get to your phone and allow installation from unknown sources. After that, follow the procedure below to get the app on your phone.

  • Get to the play store on your phone and press the Dafabet app in the search engine
  • Click on the app and allow it to download

Still, you can also go to the website on the right corner of the Dfabet sports and click on the download icon to have the app in your gadget.

Install Dafabet App for Android

After downloading the Dafabet app to your gadget, the next step is to ensure its functionality. Hence, the next task is to install the Dafabet app apk on the device. Follow the following illustrated procedures to have the app installed.

  • Open the installation file on your mobile device.
  • Press on install and allow the app to install

dafabet app ocb

Download the IOs for Dafabet

Users of devices supported by the IOs can download the app directly from the website. If you are a registered member playing in the portal or just a first-time gambler, you can get the app on the right corner of the Dafabet website. Here press the download icon and let it take some time to download. However, for conviniency, follow the procedure below to ensure you aren’t frustrated when downloading the app.

  • Get to your phone settings and set the system to accept installation from unknown sources.
  • Afterward, get to the play store or apple store and search for the Dafabet app.
  • Click download and give it time to download the app.
  • After that, register your Dafabet account.

Install the Dafabet App for IOs

Once the app is downloaded successfully on your mobile device, the following process is to install it and have it function. Do the following to have the app installed on your gadget:

  • Get to the installation file on your IO’s phone.
  • You will get the Dafabet app that you just downloaded.
  • Press Install icon
  • Give it some time, and the app will fully lounge on your device.

dafabet mobile ocb

App Features

The world is growing very fast in terms of technology, and people are switching from land-based betting platforms to online platforms. That is why the Dafabet website is coming with numerous features that simple phones that can support online games to meet the need of entertaining many people.

Dafabet app is easily portable and supported by many phones such as Samsung galaxy A51, One plus 5T, Galaxy S20, and Realme 6 pro. Apart from these phones, the app is compatible with other IOs telephones.

Compared with other software that consumes too much space, the app only occupies a span of 10MB, and its installation process only takes 3 minutes. It is well-designed with great navigation. Some of the excellent features of the Dafabet site include the following:

1) First deposit bonus: The Dafabet app issues welcome bonuses to the punter who registers and opens an account for the first time in the mobile browser. The welcome rewards go up to 170%. However, the punter must pay an initial deposit of 1000 rupees. After that, the punter gets another 16000 rupees as a bonus.

2) Sportsbook: The sportsbook avails numerous sports events with great Dafabet offers on which the punter can gamble, and the time they will occur. It also allows the punter to quickly confirm the games with the highest codes where one can place a stake. Sportsbooks provide many slots including live dealer games, making it easy for gamblers to choose only the play of their interest.

3) Bet exchange refund deal: Punters are given a refund of up to 1000 rupees when they place back.

4) Offer cash back for cricket backing. With the app, the punter can get about 10% of their betting money even when they lose the game. The amount is instantly given once the play is over and restored to the online wallet account. The gambler can withdraw the cashback money or use it for match or live bets.

Offer Bitcoin bonus: Gamblers using bitcoin are graced with huge perks from the bitcoin clients. After depositing money in your bitcoin account, you will be granted a reward of up to 20mBTC. Sometimes the bonuses scale up to 50% of the amount placed.

6) It has all the desktop features for transactions: With the app, the punters can withdraw, Deposit, or even transfer money from one account to another.

The functionalities of the app enable the punter to unlock initial deposits.

Benefits of the Dafabet App

By choosing to play or gamble at the Dafabet app, the punter enjoys numerous benefits that one using the website directly may not have. Below are the merits of using the app.

  • The Dafabet mobile app provides many games, such as online casinos, soccer games, Netball games, and live stream events, and others.
  • The app is simple and portable, making it easy for beginners to navigate through.
  • Dafa sports app offer great rewards, including welcome bonus and bitcoin rewards, to the punters directly in their online wallet account upon payment of the dafabet deposit.
  • The app has numerous features making it possible for punters across the globe to withdraw, Deposit, and claim their bonuses.
  • The Dafabet mobile app provides robust encryption to the punter account, making it difficult for hackers to humper with the gambler’s account.
  • The app allows for various payment methods, such as using visa cards, PayPal, and other means.
  • The app is supported by phones powered by IOs and Android making it easy for the punter to gamble anywhere at any time.
  • The app operates 24 hours, making gambling flexible and offering punters an opportune time to plan when to bet.
  • Although the latest Dafabet mobile app has many features, it only occupies a space of 24MB. Thus, the gambler’s gadget is not faced with the problem of low speed while browsing on the net.

How to Use the Dafabet App?

The increased use of technology in gaming and entertainment has made the Dafabet technicians improve the app’s usability. With the app, you can gamble, withdraw, or deposit money to predict gaming events.

When you have downloaded the app, registered, and opened an account, you can proceed and bet using the app. Click on the app on your phone and click on the bet icon. Select your favorite event that you want to gamble on and place the amount of money you want to use.

There are options for punters to pay for the games or to enjoy free bets. If you choose to gamble for free, you will make no profit from the wins you get. However, gambling for free equips the gambler with the skills and master the trends of the games before they start the Blackjack, Poker, Baracat, and others. actual gaming event.

Note that, casino games are well-packed in the app, making it easy for the punters to log in and choose the game they love. Some casino games packed in the app include Bingo, Roulette,

With the app, you can withdraw money from your online wallet account and transfer it directly to other accounts using the app into your other accounts.

Betting Options Through Dafabet Mobile App

Another excellent feature of the Dafabet app is the player’s freedom to choose the game to bet on at any particular time. Lovers of casino games, cricket betting, racing, live events, and other plays can be done all at the Dafabet casino app giving the punters an easy time choosing their preference stake.

Sports betting

Dafabet mobile software has a significant number of games that the players can select and bet. The games include Microgaming, Netent, PG soft, Soccer, Netball, and pragmatic play, among others.

Using the procedure below, you can choose as a punter to place your bet for these games.

  • Open the Dafabet device app on your phone.
  • Click on bet icon
  • Choose the games you want to gamble on
  • Place the amount you want to gamble with
  • Click the accept icon.
  • Within a short while, you will get a notification about whether or not you have won the game.

It is necessary to confirm the odds before you start the game. Some have low while others have high stakes. To ensure that you bet in games whose betting odds are of good profit, confirm the codes in the sports book in your mobile app.

Casino and Live Casino

Casinos are the most thrilling games that many punters find time to play and be entertained at. Online casinos have gained momentum in the gaming industry, and most betting companies include them on mobile app devices.


Dafabet app avails numerous casino games that the punters can choose and gamble on. Some online casino games in the online portal include Bingo, Baccarat, and other games.

Just like the other punters using HTML5 in their PCs to play casino games, mobile users can also use their phones to gamble for casino games. However, there are some casino games that one cannot enjoy while using the phone. For example, a punter cannot play poker using the app directly.

However, players using their phones are not limited to playing soccer games via the phone. It is only in the app where they cannot access the poker game, but still, they can get it by navigating through their browserm.dafabet.com and have all the fun with features that the one using the PC could experience.

Navigating through the casino games usingm.dafabet.com, however, consumes too much data. Hence, it should only be applied when the casino game needed is on the website and the punter probably lacks a Pc or heavy gadget that can support the game. However, the app still bears more advantages since you can browse casino games even when you are offline.

Live casino games in the app are made with simple features with a 3-D view that gives the punter a broad idea of the game. They offer bonuses to the clients and provide other rewards to beginners upon signing in to the account for the first time.


eSports are some of the games that are loved globally. However, India has the highest number of participants participating in gaming and esports events. Many people in India make up to 17000 rupees in games within a short period, making them earn a living from play. Discussed below are some of India’s top esports:

Dota 2

Dota 2 is one of the most famous Indian games you can think of playing in the Dafabet app. It consists of two teams having five players each. The players oppose each other in a tug of war, trying to destroy each other’s structure. The other team protects the system from demolition.

In this play, the gamers can select up to 100 characters to take into the war against their opponent. Each character has unique attributes, playstyle, and abilities that allow them to navigate the game and win or be won.

Dota 2 games for international tournaments have large cash purses that the punters can claim by participating in the games using the Dafabet software.

Counter-Strike: Global offensive

Dafabet avails the counter-strike game, one of India’s most preferred plays online. The game has a shooter that tries to do away with each other as they undertake some other objectives. The game shooter who kills the opponent first becomes the winner.

PUBG Mobile

Dafabet PUBG mobile game takes the world genre and it is designed such that the punters compete by eliminating the characters by shooting. Over 100 characters are sent to the battlefield to cause war and fight their opponents, demolishing their premises and shooting each other. The game aims to see which soldier remains standing when the war ends, and all other characters are eliminated from the competition.

Mobile App Versus Mobile Version

Mobile apps and mobile versions differ in many ways. Hence, some punters prefer mobile apps, while others prefer the version. Yes, all the same, we can say that all the software provides numerous games and offers bonuses to the punters. However, as discussed below, some distinctions still differ between the mobile app and the version.

  1. Mobile apps can be accessed even when the network is offline. In contrast, mobile versions are only accessible if the punter is online, thus calling for the punter to ensure that he can access the active net with a phone of high processing speed.
  2. The Mobile version app occupies some space in the internal storage of the phone, unlike the version that does not.
  3. Some phones do not accept access to files from unknown sources, making it cumbersome to download and install the Dafabet mobile app apk. However, the mobile version only needs the punter to have bundles and type the website name to access the betting platform and have access to games.
  4. With the mobile app, the punter can get notifications faster than the one having the mobile version.
  5. Mobile apps are more secure than websites since the punter can operate even when the data is off without going to other browsing apps that one may use to hack accounts.
  6. Dafabet apps request updates making it easy for the punters to get the new games uploaded in the portal while the site version does not ask the punter for updates. The support staff updates the site version, and the gambler can only see the notable differences in the games and more added features when they log in to the portal.
  7. Mobile apps are not affected by network traffic, as it happens in mobile versions when the number of participants increases.
  8. Bearing these differences between the app and the version in mind, the equalizer of their functionality is that all the merits, such as bonuses and rewards, are given to all punters regardless of how you decide to bet. However, the app will serve you best in extreme situations where you can not afford to access the net.

Mobile Bonus

One thing that promotes and entices the punters is the provision of bonuses by the companies. The Dafabet app provides a welcome bonus to the punters who register for the first time. Sometimes, the punters who use the mobile software app are given special prizes. For example, one reward you get from downloading the app and installing it is the bonuses that a person using the website page is not given.

Apart from the welcome bonus, you can also buy codes that offer rewards to gamers online in the gambling market on your mobile device.

Deposit and Withdrawal From Dafabet

To gamble in the Dafabet app, you must place the Deposit required. When you win the game, you can withdraw all the money deposited initially or live some for betting on the following games in the live events.

The app allows for deposit and withdrawal methods such as PayPal, bank transfers, visa cards, Neteller and Skrill, Master Card, and Maestro. With one of these accounts, you can place the amount you want to gamble with on the online account.

To place a deposit on your online wallet account for betting, follow the procedure below:

  • Open the Dafabet app on your phone.
  • Go to the cashier section and select Deposit.
  • Enter the amount you want to deposit
  • Press the accept icon to complete the process

The minimum amount of money accepted as the initial Deposit in the Dafabet app is $ 10, which is approximately 824 rupees. Placing a lower amount will make the process incomplete.

If you want to remove money from your Dafabet online account after winning the prediction, follow the procedure below:

  • Go to the Dafabet software on your phone and open it.
  • Click on the cashier dashboard and select withdrawal
  • Place the amount of money you want to withdraw
  • Press the accept button to finish the process.

The maximum amount of money the punter can withdraw from the portal is regulated. Again, for the withdrawal limit to go through, the punter must have met the required number of wagers. However, the number of wages varies depending on the initial Deposit placed and the bonuses awarded. Bonuses increase the wager limit. Hence huge rewards show that the punter will have to wager so many times for him to make the first withdrawal.


It would be best to equip yourself with insights before using the Dafabet app to avoid frustrations.

Why I Can’t Install Dafabet App

The Dafabet app is not supported by all phones, and sometimes you may wonder why the app is not functioning in your gadget. The problem may be the type of phone that you are using. Ensure that Android or Ios powered phones are the ones that you are using.

Apart from being powered by the IOs and android versions, ensure that your phone has enough internal space of at least 24MB and the network of 3G on the lower side. Again, the phone should be the latest version.

If all the above-discussed factors are met, and the phone does not allow for download, go to the security settings and install apps from unknown sources.

Can I use Cashout from the Dafabet on the Go?

Punters using the Dafabet app can use the cash out just like ones using the website without difficulty. The process is simple, and once the game has started and you feel like cashing out before the set limit is met, you can do so very quickly by pressing the cashout icon. You will get back the amount you placed for betting, which will be restored to your online account.

Is there a Special Bonus for Mobile Users

Dafabet does not offer special bonuses to the punters directly, nor is there a standard value for everyone. However, prizes are given based on the policies met, such as placing the initial Deposit or buying codes with rewards.

Users of mobile devices are not exempted from the set policies of awarding bonuses. However, in some instances, mobile users are allowed privileged to some bonus that is given best on how the punter is active.

What Mobile betting Options are there at Dafabet

Dafabet is dynamic in its operations, allowing punters to enjoy the numerous benefits of its operations. The betting app offers options for gamblers to bet on games such as live games, casinos, soccer, and netball, among others.

How to Register New Account at Dafabet

Owning an account at Dafabet is entirely free and straightforward. You only need to get to the website and press sign up. After that, you will be given a form requesting your personal information. Provide the correct information to ensure that your account is not locked. Any malice practice at the beginning or during an account’s opening will burn your app account for good.

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