Cookies Policy makes effective use of cookies to recognize you, your device and your preferences with the aim to enhance user experience by means of optimizing the webpage.

Understanding cookies

Cookies are simply small snippet of computer code that consequently gets incorporated on your PC whenever you visit a webpage. Since cookies cannot be utilized in accessing or gathering any data on your PC except that which is connected with the website, they are therefore termed as totally innocuous for both the user as well as the user’s PC. Conversely, at cookies are purely intended to upgrade a user’s experience with our site. We will not be able to access your individual as well as your personal information like passwords, credit card information or any other banking data. We at makes use of cookies to figure and sort out any errors/bugs that you may run over while utilizing our services or accessing anything on our webpage. Furthermore, cookies help our marketing accomplices to investigate your preferences in order to customize their publicizing efforts accordingly and show you advertisements relevant to your choice only.

How do cookies function?

The cookies in are of two types – namely Session and Persistent cookies. The session cookies are the ones that permit our clients to carry information starting with one page then onto the next. In this way, a client will not need to enter a similar data again and again. For example, once you have signed into your profile, you will not be requested to do so again as session cookies continue to pass your data to the next page. To the contrary, Persistent Cookies get permanently incorporated on your PC until you delete them manually from the internet browser. They function by recognizing your PC on every visit to the webpage. For instance, your selected language on our webpage is saved by the Persistent Cookies. So every time you visit us, our webpages will be consequently converted into that language to provide you a good experience.

Why does use cookies?

We keep it transparent to our users the purposes behind specializing cookies at webpages which are as follow:

  1. For upgrading our client’s experience technically by distinguishing and settling bugs, errors, or any other technical issue.
  2. To assist our marketing partners by furnishing them with the data in regard to your interests and items that you may be attempting to find.
  3. To gather your data with respect to your browsing habits on our site, your relevant interests, and experience.
  4. To enable provision of live chat services on every page of our website where our guests visit.
  5. To recognize our client’s gadget and customize our pages as per their needs and interests.

Not comfortable with cookies? Learn how to block them

If you have any concerns or feel uneasy with our webpages using cookies for the purposes cited beforehand, you have the right to disable them. This requires a simple modification in the settings of your respective browser. Below is a guide to disable cookies in four most popular Internet browsers used worldwide:

Ø Google Chrome: After opening Google Chrome on your computer, go to Menu > Settings > Privacy and Security > Cookies and Other Site Data > Block all cookies.

Ø Microsoft Edge: Open MS Edge, go to Menu > Settings > Site Permissions > Cookies and Site Data > Block All Cookies or add desired website’s URL in Block Third-Party Cookies to block cookies from specific websites.

Ø Firefox: Open Firefox on your desktop and go to Tools > Options > Privacy > Disable Cookies.

Ø Safari: Open Safari browser and go to Menu > Preferences > Security and check Block Third Party and Advertising Cookies or Block all Cookies and click on the save button.

Outcomes of blocking cookies on your Internet browser

Once the cookies are blocked, will no longer be able to collect your data in order to provide you with customized services and enhance your user experience.

Updates in our cookie policy?

In order to further enhance your experience with us, we regularly perform updates to our website that has a direct influence on our terms and policies. Therefore, we will highly encourage you to visit this page to get updated with any changes in policies that you may find affecting your privacy and user experience with us.