Do this to Win Money Betting on Cricket

You can win money betting on cricket. But you should know it’s damn hard to make money betting on cricket games. Many people try it, but many nearly give up along the way.

This is because, when told to list the best sports with the best trading opportunities, it might not be easy to name them. Online cricket betting is quite challenging because it involves flipping coins into it so that you aren’t sure whether you will get something in return. Again, remember that the coins you flip may not guarantee real money in return!

If you want to roll yourself in cash, you must sign up on any cricket betting site. Next, you must load your account with a deposit and place your few bets.

Trust this. You need to save money if you want to break even. Besides, this comes as luck to many people. However, if you want to join the Indian Premier League of a few recreational and professional bettors and give yourself an edge, continue reading this review to get the best few tips that will lead you to luck on how to win cricket betting.

Select Best Cricket Betting platform

Cricket online betting has become much more popular over the past years. People’s likeness to cricket match betting is attributed to their interest in increasing their betting prospects. Though a complex sport, you must also note that most cricket betting sites aren’t that straightforward.

To identify the best cricket match betting sites, you must analyze their functionality, friendliness, and user experience. Additionally, it should be easy to discover competitions and markets in the cricket tournaments you want to participate in. Most cricket matches are featured in the Indian Premier League.

There are many cricket betting sites online from which you can choose your preferred site. It can be a challenging task to determine the best site. But, to make it easy, you need to consider factors like customer service, pitch conditions, banking options, weather conditions, betting advice, and availability of free cricket bets to increase your chances of winning if you are a beginner.

Some of the popular cricket teams in India includeMelbourne Stars, Sydney Thunder Women,Perth Scorchers Women, etc. Below are the best cricket bets sites you can choose from

  • Betway
  • 1XBet
  • Betrophy sports
  • Bet winner sports
  • 10 Cric
  • 22 Bet
  • Unibet
  • 888 Sport

Do Team Research


Team research is necessary before placing your wagers, whether a beginner or advanced player. Research might seem unrealistic to bettors who bet for recreation. Why? Because there is a lot of research work involved.

You might be willing to research starting players, injuries, weather, and so on. Before placing your wagers, this research will help you to access past data like performance, scores, and how the weather might have affected previous cricket matches. For this reason, you will be in a better position to reduce the losing money risks and have greater chances of winning.

Predicting which team to win requires finding its recent winning history in previous test matches. You also need to look at its playing tactics. For instance, a team is good and worth it to place a bet on if it swept off their opponent’s last five test matches. Yes, if it swept off its opponents.

The players participating in a match and the pitch they will play on mean a lot when choosing which other team to bet. Some players play pretty well regardless of surface type, while others will struggle with particular types of fields. Therefore, you need to head on to the stats section regarding a team and analyze its winning habits. Does it win while at home? Or away?

The Bookmaker’s Best Team May Not Always Win

Many people bet on a team because they use a sportsbook, they consider their favorite. If you want to win big, use other predictions from the most prominent site of your choice to predict your bets.

The quality of Lasith Malinga and world cup pressures is one thing that bookmarkers forget. Betting on a team just because bookmarkers believe so is never a good idea. You should know that you must research before betting on a particular team for useful clues about it.

Read cricket betting books

cricket sport

You need to read books that you need to read if you want to bet wisely like a pro and reap high from your single bets. Here are the bookies.

  1. Conquering risk
  2. Sharp sports betting
  3. Weighing the odds in sports betting

Neither will these books highlight the steps of winning in cricket betting but show you how to beat other sports betting and the edges you should focus on now and in the future.

You must take time and notes because these are fluff-free and dense books. Therefore, beware since they have a huge impact. For beginners, you need to look closely at how things work with bookies. In most cases, the bookies give out odds depending on how much more money people bet on teams to win.

Bookies are after making more money. Therefore, it’s worth noting that bookmarkers keep reducing betting odds to lesser amounts so you can gain little when you bet for a big team. That’s not enough; they also encourage people to bet on weaker teams by placing lucrative odds on them.

So, when determining which team to bet on, be careful because bookies will literarily hedge in favor of giant teams to make a good profit. Hence, the reason why they change the odds. You need to remember that how bookies control their weekly odds doesn’t depend on the extra money you bet on different markets. Instead, the adjustments are dependent on the influence that past results have on people over the recent ones.

Can you win at cricket betting and make profits by betting on teams with small odds? This is one of the complex ways to make cricket betting. If you take this direction, your life in sports betting will turn into a tilt. It’s possible to earn money, though. But, it isn’t an excellent way to take it if you want to win at cricket betting a good amount of money.

Suppose you want to be a serious sports bettor. In that case, you need to consider some critical ideas that boil up into three concepts that boil into three concepts. Despite that you can consistently make money from betting on sports with small odds, you should consider the following.

  • Commission deduced from every odd by the book markers
  • Moral certainty is where you should consider whether the probability of winning is close to near certainty.
  • Optimal bankroll growth


You need to have multiple accounts so that you can arbitrage. But what is arbitrage in sports betting? Arbitrage involves betting on all available odds of a single match that guarantees you profit, regardless of the result.

You can get out from this grotesque carnivore, provided that it is allowed by the sportsbook.

Managing your Bankroll


This is more than betting, and for this matter, you won’t experience any confusion in your betting process. You need to do the following to increase your chances of winning money on sports betting.

  • Have a large bankroll
  • Split your bankroll into multiple books or accounts: you can handle losses easily when your bankroll is large. Ensure you have a large bankroll if you intend to split your money into many parts.

If betting is your main goal, you need to have enough money to cater to your living expenses. It’s worth it to note that you need to limit pulling out your profits until you have a considerable bankroll.

Also, consider having a weekly or monthly budget that you intend to use for all your betting activities. Do not exceed the budget if you experience a winning or losing streak. It is a trap that can land you in more trouble.

How much bankroll is considered huge for guaranteed withdrawals? Well, that depends on you. But to be on the safe side, you need to have a bankroll that is 6-7+. This is considered enough to place bets and cater to their runners. But you need to scale accordingly whenever your ambitions change.

Be very cautious about handicappers

What is a handicapper? If you are a handicapper, you are a professional bettor who researches and wagers on sports games. If you want to join the link of professional handicappers, you need to take time and go through the available games and guess which game seems to play out.

You can either choose to be a casual handicapper or a pro handicapper. Being casual will mean that you solely bet on something, and wagering through it brings excitement to you. If you decide to be a pro handicapper, then that’s okay for you. But you need to keep away from inflated games, especially televised ones.

To be on the safe side, you need to glimpse the different types of handicapping available. Looking at one side of the coin. You need to have updated trends and style trends. But note that you need not firmly believe in the darts because they are so random. Why? Because you may end up focusing on the wrong trends. Again, this type of handicapping may push you into guts and place more bets based on what your eyes can see.

Regardless of the level that you are in, don’t bury your head in injury reports, trends, and stats. Instead, spend most of your time doing what you love. Think of any handicapping style into a particular cricket.

cricket betting

Don’t Fluff an Accumulator Using Odds-on Picks

Going for every odd on the market and fluffing off an accumulator is never advisable. The risk is high and not worth it. Sincerely, you are risking your wagers and decreasing your winning chances. This is a problem cutting across betting in cricket.

From experience, the gambling gurus will tell you that teams that are expected to win are the ones that tend to be losers. To avoid such a mess, you just need to do thorough research and uncover other options with high chances of happening.

Consider Your Betting Moment

It might not be easy to predict the best time when you should place your bets because odds change regularly. For this reason, placing your bet at a time when the odds are convenient for you is advisable. You need not complain in case the odds increase after placing your bet the previous day. You can’t change that after placing your bet.

Instead, you need to take your time and read more on cricket betting. In this case, you will get enough deep knowledge of how cricket betting occurs. You shouldn’t get annoyed when the odds increase because you happily accepted the odds before the increase. Therefore, focus on enjoying a win if your prediction is correct.

What is your Favorite Betting Strategy?

Many bettors remember that watching games and following cricket news are the only home advantage success factors in cricket betting. But that’s not the case. Real punters believe that the best betting strategy differentiates losing and long-term winning.

The betting strategy you choose depends on many known facts to be effective. You must be careful about your chosen strategy because some are unscientific and highly volatile. By doing so, you increase your winning chances rather than losses. Some of the safest betting strategies you can use are highlighted below.

  • Oscar’s grind: avoid this strategy like the plague if you are new to cricket betting. With this strategy, you increase your stake in every bet you win but keep the stake for the ones you wait to lose.
  • Ladder system: this is the best strategy for beginners. Here, you only bet on selections with low odds. Every amount that you win from a bet is used to place the next bet.
    • Dogon strategy: this will help you to offset your previous losses. What you need to do is to do double staking at every step of your betting.
  • Kelly’s criterion strategy helps balance reward and risk. By doing so, you end up minimizing your degree of volatility and increasing the success rate of your bets.
  • Danish system: here, you increase your stake with one unit, and the odds with at least 0.5 and you may emerge the match winner.
  • Percentage bank strategy: this strategy works pretty well when every bet you place equals your bankroll expressed as a fixed amount.
  • Flat betting strategy: regardless of the number of wagers you place, every stake is worth an equal amount to be a match winner. This is the best strategy for you if you are risk averse. Adopting this strategy will help you minimize risks and prevent the erosion of your bankroll.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make money in cricket betting?

Yes, you can win 52-60% on average. Therefore, you can make money, too, in cricket predictions betting.

How Do You Win Consistently in Cricket Betting?

If you want a consistent win in cricket predictions betting, you need to load your season runs, bankroll hugely and divide your bets into parts.

Do I always lose money on cricket betting?

No, sometimes you win, and other times you lose. If you lose consistently, you must thoroughly research and change your betting platform.