Cricket Betting Rules

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Different betting sites offer a variety of games to the market for bettors to choose which one to bet on. One of the games offered in the market is cricket betting. Notably, cricket betting is governed by a wide range of rules to control and regulate the conduct of bettors on the site. More so, the critical focus for regulation is on the outcome of bets. The bet type and the results’ nature determine which rule should be applied to settle a chance.

This review provides profound and easy-to-understand cricket betting rules applied by cricket betting sites to settle bets. Continue reading to grasp international, domestic, and the Indian Premier League cricket betting rules.

Cricket Betting overview

Cricket betting is one of the best activities you can engage in if you want to soothe your heart with recreational activity. In the life of a human being, people learn a lot about sporting events. You can use the knowledge gained to make a good amount of money you could not expect.

When it comes to love for cricket betting, Indians have it! Passion and interest drive these cricket lovers crazy.

Specific rules and regulations must govern everything people engage in to earn a living. Hence, some rules have been established to govern cricket betting to remain helpful to its bettors.

If you are a cricket fanatic, you will choose your favorite bet from the available cricket bets. Some of the cricket bets you can choose from include match betting and special bets, second-half bets, domestic betting, or international betting. It is worth noting that Specific cricket betting rules govern each type.

Cricket rules harmoniously resolve all cricket bet issues and are essential to promote betting etiquette. Your money can be put on hold for several months if conflicts occur during the betting process. Therefore, you will face unpredictable consequences.

How does cricket betting work?

There are some popular ways in which you can bet on cricket betting. For instance, you can decide to bet on the tied match, match betting, top batter, drawn match, completed matches, top bowler, first innings runs, tournaments, cricket odds, and series.

Completed Match

To bet on this, you should firmly believe that the match will be played and finished on the same day. Adverse weather conditions may delay a match by one or more days.

How can you place your bet on a completed match?

Here you place your bet as either “yes” or “no.” If you bet ‘yes,’ you mean that the match will complete the same day. A ‘no’ bet means you predict that the match won’t be completed on the same day.

Match betting

Match betting is the most straightforward cricket bet ever. For this reason, most people prefer playing it. Match betting offers bettors three betting options to choose from. Out of the three options, you must only choose one option and place your bet.

You can bet the away team to win, both teams to tie, or the home and away team to win.

Batsman match betting

Batman match bet resembles bowler match betting. With this betting, you select one player from a pair you think will win more runs in the match series.

Top batsman betting

Ever wondered how bets on Top batters are made? Here is the light

As a gambler, you choose one player you predict will the batting team score many goals in a given match. Besides that, you can place your wagers on the top batter team.

Remember, You have only two choices in this bet and a high chance of predicting correctly. Therefore, you will get a smaller payout than predicting who the top-scoring player will be.

Top bowler

The top bowler is another bet you can bet on as a gambler. As a bettor, you select which player will have the highest wickets in a given match. You need to select the player by considering both teams. By choosing the correct player, you win the wager if you predict correctly.

Bowler match bets

Check out the betting options available:

Bowler match bets

is similar to a top bowler but in a simplified version. Here, you don’t choose who will be the top bowler in a given match. Instead, you will be required to select the top bowler from a pair of players.

Tie match

The tie is another straightforward type of bet in cricket betting. As a gambler, you place your bet by predicting correctly whether a match will end in a tie. You win your earnings if you bet correctly.

Innings runs

Here, you predict the number of runs she scored in the first match. Hence, how simple this cricket betting bet is. With first innings runs, you are presented with a certain number of players and runs. Next, you will be required to predict whether fewer or more runs will be scored.

Over/Under Score bets

Cricket betting allows players to predict match results and place their bet on the score of one of the teams. Initially, before you bet, you will find out that the sportsbook has a set score for the team. You must bet if you believe the score will exceed the stated amount.

Series winner and outright tournament winner

To place your bet on the tournament outright, you only need to place your bet by choosing which team you believe will win the entire tournament. Before placing your bet, first analyze your prediction. For advice, go through the sportsbook.

As a gambler of cricket betting, you can predict and bet on a team that you believe will win a series of county championship matches. Your bet will be declared to have won if the team you bet on wins the whole series of the match.

Series score


Here, you can bet on a score in a series of county championshipmatches in addition to over/under score bets.

What is core in this case? A score refers to the number of matches lost or won other than runs scored. Before the games kick off, you will get an updated list of match combinations from the sportsbook. The sportsbook will give you a list of matches affected, either lost or won for both teams.

As a player, you must select the score that you think will correctly represent the number of matches lost or won by one team in the series.

Cricket betting International Rules

The domestic ante post rules in cricket betting differ significantly from one cricket match to another. You can either decide to wager your money on international cricket betting. Let’s look at international cricket betting rules and how they are executed.

Series, cricket tournaments, and franchise domestic leagues

  • The other sections will be settled if you make multiple selections.
  • Matches should be completed before the year-end if the game you are betting is specified to be completed in a certain period.
  • If one match has been completed, outright bets will remain in a series.

International tournaments

  • A game will not be settled or accounted for if it delivers a non-result.This will work as per the cricket betting dead heat rules for bets that the team will win.
  • You will get a monetary refund if a certain number of matches aren’t played or any teams withdraw. This conforms with the pool of cricket betting dead heating rules.
  • Your bets won’t be altered if the match venue changes.
  • All abandoned non-results RABs will be settled, including those thought to have been affected by rain.
  • All bets will be settled in case the game is rained down.
  • RABs do not include super minimum overs.
  • The tie dead heat rules apply in international betting. The rule will only take effect if a team hits the most sixes, has the highest opening partnership, and the team has the highest score within the first 15 overs.

One-day matches or test series

One-day matches involve matches with a limited cricket number of overs played by two teams with international matches status. Each team should win a fixed number of overs, the current set at 50, and a playtime of 9 hours. By reading through this section, you will know all the cricket betting dead heat rules applicable to one-day test matches and series.

Series outright cricket rules

According to the cricket betting dead heat rules, if a series innings ends in a tie but wasn’t a tie-related bet, then the bets will be settled through dead heat rules apply. The leading team will be declared a match winner to settle bets if, in any case, a series is canceled or shortened before completing the scheduled games.

Race to 10 runs

Unless either player in the roster opens the batting team, bets will stand. Otherwise, bets will be voided if no player opens up the battle. In disregard of which player comes into contact with the first ball, cricket betting rules uphold that bets will always stand. No player is a match winner if neither of the players reaches ten runs.

Bets will be voided if no batters reach ten runs in an area affected by bad weather. No batter is declared a winning option if batters are out and neither of them reaches ten runs.

Innings runs and sixes


Innings sixes bets and runs will be voided if overs reduce by five or more due to bad weather or interference by rain.

If the number of balls in 100-ball matches reduces by 11 or more, the bets will be voided.

In first innings sixes matches, the outcomes will be determined, and bets settled based on the deliveries where a batter receives six runs as credit.

Irrespective of how first innings runs are incurred, the settlement of bets will involve penalty runs and extras.

Series correct score betting rules

all bets will be settled even if they are on multiple elections. Likewise, bets will be void and money refunded if, due to insinuating circumstances, a series is abandoned, incomplete, or shortened.

Two outcomes on series outright

The rules of cricket betting will settle a bet if the chosen team wins, resulting in a tie. The cricket betting rules focus on teams and ties to settle bet conflicts.

No bet for draws on series outright

In case a match inning ends in a draw, all stakes on that bet will be returned to bettors.

Most runs series

do take it as an opportunity to bat in case you realize that players are named in a roster. Why? Because every bet is meant to stand for individual players. Also, settling bets for matches declared shortened or abandoned will involve declaring a player with the highest scores and completed runs a winner.

Series most wickets

If a match is shortened or abandoned, a player will be declared a winner if they have the highest wickets and overs. In addition, a player will not get a bowl if, in any case, it is named on the roster. But still, the bet stands.

You should know that to settle bets quickly, a specified batsman retiring hurt from innings lead does not count as most wickets.

Teams are allotted overs; if the batting team reaches its overs or the specified wicket falls before the declaration, the results will be accumulated together.

Suppose innings reduce by 5 or more after placing a bet involving 50 matches of limited overs and one-day internationals. In that case, the fall of wickets will be considered bets void.

Wickets lost by ‘X’ runs

When a specific score is reached, the same number of most wickets lost within a specified period is used to determine bet settlement.

Boost of series price and tournament

International cricket betting rules uphold that settling a bet will involve the use of dead heat betting rules. Bets void happen if no action is taken in a series of loan abandonment.

As much as one has been completed successfully, outright series bets will always stand.

Player of the series

Cricket betting rules say that the best selection will be settled if a player makes multiple selections. Also, Depending on the broadcaster’s choice, cricket betting rules uphold that the bet will be settled as per the choice. Besides that, you should get it clear that you will have bets void in case the player you selected does not take part in the gameplay. However, one thing will put a smile on your face: your deposit money will be refunded.

If the scheduled inning overs go down by five or more after a bet has been placed, then the player wicket falls bets will be considered void.

If a bet is placed and after that, the team doesn’t win, or it isn’t all out, then that bet will be void. This will be applicable if, in the hundreds of matches, the same number of overs for innings reduces by 3 or 5 balls.

A wicket falls earned through super-overs isn’t considered.

Unless otherwise, the market will value wicket falls earned in the initial innings in first-class matches.

After the bet is placed in twenty20 matches, wicket bets will become void if the scheduled overs number goes down by three or more.

In so-Over limited matches and one-day internationals, wicket bets for players will be deemed void if over numbers reduce by five or more after placement of the bet.

In-play runs in first ‘X’ overs

Bets will be void if outside factors render the selected number of overs incomplete or otherwise, bet settlement is already determined.

All bets will stand if the selected number of overs exceeds the natural length of the inning.

Runs off the next ball

All extras count as deliveries to settle bets.

Over at the fall of the next wicket

The official result in the market will be determined by the over number at which the downfall attached to a specified wicket occurs. If a team reaches its target, the resultant over number will be due to the state of the market.

Here bets will be settled as per the official outcome of the match. All wickets will count, including run outs. If a specified batsman retiring hurt from the match due to injury, that will not be counted as a wicket. Unless bet settlement for a specified wicket is determined, bets will stand out when overs are completed. An over will be considered complete if the innings end.

Bets would become void if the innings ended due to unfavorable weather conditions unless a bet settlement had previously been determined.

Runs at the fall of the next wicket

The match result in the market will be determined by the total number of innings a team scores before a fall of a specific wicket. In this case, the total score will result from the marketing a team reaches its target or declares.

The market will determine the total amassed runs if a team reaches its target or declares. If teams do not play due to delays, bad weather, or rain interventions, bets will be voided. Previous quotes less or equal to 135 in tall will be settled if a team quits playing due to bad weather or external factors. Contrary, quotes will be voided if they are higher than this. Penalty runs and extras will be used to settle bets, irrespective of how they are earned.

In-Play runs in the first “X” overs

A bet will only be void if the selected number of overs is complete due to external factors or bad weather. If the selected number of overs exceeds the natural length of innings, bets will stand. In bet settlement, in-playpenalty runs and extras will be counted regardless of the method used to earn them.

Total runs in a match

Penalty runs and extras will count in the final settlement of adverse weather bets disregarding how they were earned. Penalty runs earned during a super over would not be considered in settlement of bets if the matches were decided by the super overs. The following should be at a minimum or higher than that if voiding bets isn’t the goal.

  • Each team should have a full 100 balls in 100-ball matches.
  • Each team should obtain a full 20 overs in a Twenty20 matches
  • Each team should attain at least 40 overs in one-day matches
  • There must be 200 bowled overs if there are drawn first class matches and test matches. The match counts in the entire match.

Player to score the highest sixes

Bets will be settled as losers if the selected players don’t bat. Dead heat rules apply to cricket betting to settle bets.

Runs in the 1st overs of 6/10/15

Prices are given based on the number of runs the battling side will score in the 1st 6/10/15 overs of innings. Unless bets are settled as determined, all 6/10/15 overs must be completed, or else all bets become void.

Team having the lowest score of innings

A team must complete all 50 overs or be all out for a score to count. Hence, you must predict the team with the lowest score.

Match Handicap

A handicap is added at the end of every match. Runs handicap will be used to settle debts if the battling team wins first or ties. If a knockout team wins the match, the bet settlement will be based on the wicket’s handicap. A bet will be void if the match is abandoned due to external factors. The bets will be void if the match is canceled due to reduced overs, adverse weather conditions, and other external factors.

Tournament’s total number of sixes

The cricket betting rules hold that the total sixes hit during the gameplay are the ones that will be counted. The sixes will count in case a specified batsman in the tournament retires hurt and returns later. The outcome will remain as it was before leaving if the batsman matches do not return.

If the number of overs in the tournament goes down by three or more than five ball-overs after the bet has been placed, then the sixes bets will be void. This is applicable in a tournament involving 20 test matches.

Tournament’s total number of fours

As a cricket betting rule, no penalty will be considered in tournament fours. In addition, the number of fours hit in a bat is to be considered.

The total fours will keep counting up when bat scores happen. Besides, if a match with over 50 overs matches and limited to one day reduces innings overs by 5, then the four bets will be rendered void.

Four bets will be void if, in a batsman of 20 matches, the scheduled innings is reduced by three or more overs.

Tournament’s total number of wide

As a rule, cricket betting will only recognize wides delivered in a tournament by counting them.

Tournament total number of centuries

Will a century score be available for an individual player? If runs are scored in a super over, they are not considered.

If the scheduled number of overs reduces by three or more in Twenty20 test matches, the player bet will become void. This will happen if, after placing your bet, your preferred team does not reach a target to win or is not all out.

Only centuries scored by individual batsmen during the tournament will be put on the count. A batsman should score at least 100 runs in a single inning to be considered won.

Total Tournament ducks and run outs

All batsmen rendered out due to run outs are the only ones to be counted. On top of that, the batsmen ducked or eliminated at 0 run outs will not be left out; instead, they will be counted.

What are the Domestic Rules of Cricket Betting?

Sports betting is only allowed in some different parts of India. However, online cricket betting is another case. Betting on crickets isn’t illegal because the online betting platform’s locality determines the cricket match’s legality. No gambling platform is infringed in the sportsbook.

In recent years, live cricket has taken root in India’s sports betting. You can gamble freely and responsibly, provided that you are an Indian. To promote responsible gambling, online cricket betting sites follow a set of plans. You can decide to quit playing, and your money is cashed back.

This section looks at the domestic rules that apply in cricket betting to promote responsible cricket gambling.

Series, tournaments, franchise, and domestic leagues

Bets will be void if the number of matches scheduled for play isn’t completed. All the scores from a series of player match runs and batman’s total runs will count in betting. In addition, stampings, catches, runs scored, and wickets taken in the match innings will count in the series to evaluate player performance.

Tournament winner

The entire division or tournament winner will be recognized as a top scorer per the cricket betting rules.

To be relegated

Priority and consideration will be given to the team demoted in the division or tournament.

Finish bottom

Consideration shall be given to the team that finishes last in the entire division or tournament and as per the cricket betting rules.

Group winner

Diverse teams in your selection will be used to settle your bets when you make multiple selections. In addition, priority and consideration shall be given to the team that emerges at the top of their group designation. This is not enough to declare a group winner.

In bet settlement, the sportsbook will choose the team that wins after settling tie-breaker events. Selection of the top team is made in conformity with the cricket betting rules. Besides, a bet will be considered void if there is an alteration in the number of matches assigned.

Matched bets on players

The bet selections that abide by the cricket betting clause are to be considered for settlement if you make multiple bet selections against a certain player.

You will compete against the scores of two players, which is an option that you receive from cricket betting. In addition, the players preferred should be in at most 10 matches. If not so, the match will be deemed void. However, a smile will be put on your face by getting a money refund.

Season’s most points

The cricket betting rules of India uphold that you can place matched bets on the selected teams preferred. Besides, the cricket rules stipulate that you will be offered two teams where you will be required to select the one that will emerge the winner with many points.

Top bowler in a tournament

At least 40% of the allotted innings’ overs will be bowled for bets to stand. However, bets will be voided if a team attains this target before reaching the desired amount or it is all out. This is only applicable to limited overs matches for at least one ball.

For selections to stand, players should not bowl for bets void in that category. Any bowler whose runs conceded the fewest matches with the highest number of wickets will be declared the winner. However, this will happen if the leading wicket-takers for innings end up with a tied number of wickets.

A bowler will be deemed a winner if they bowl the most dot balls. But this will happen if there is no clear winner. The bets will be voided if no bowler qualifies for at least one ball.

Only Test and first-class match bets stand for ist innings of the tournament. However, this will only happen if a minimum of 60 overs is bowled in the innings, the team declares, or it’s all out.

The top batsman in a match

Which top batsman will score the highest number of runs for a given team? For match bets to stand, at least 40% of the allotted overs in every innings must be bowed. Otherwise, the bet slip will be void if a team reaches its target before attaining this amount or the team is all out. The initial start-up point for players should be XI, or they enter the game as a conclusion replacement, or else the bets under that selection will be voided.

If two or more batsmen tie in total scores, the batman with the fewest deliveries will be declared the winner. However, suppose the winners share the same total of deliveries. In that case, the winner shall be the one who has the highest deliveries.

The cricket betting rules hold that if a bet is to payout, the bowler needs to take the highest number of tickets in the game. In addition, the cricket rules further state that the top batsman should make the most runs in the tournament for a payout to occur.

During the tournament, the cricket betting rules are on the stand, and players who appear on the roster are the ones to be considered.

Dead heart rules shall apply in the event two players tie in scores. That means that the bowler with the minimum number of runs conceded will be declared the winner in the event two or more players end up with an equal number of wickets.

If, in a squad of hundred top bowlers, the bets will be void if there is a reduction in the number of balls by 50 or more.

If there are fewer than 60 bowled overs which is an official result of external factors, then the top run scorer will be void unless the innings reach a natural conclusion.

Any designated 12th substitute of a nominated man or any bet placed on a player who doesn’t appear at the start of 11 will be considered void. Bets that do not include field or bets on players who do not bat will be nullified and considered losers.

A bet shall remain valid if all out or match has been completed. Below are the least numbers of overs that need to be bowless, or else the bet turns out to be void

  • 20 overs of friends provident trophy
  • 10 overs of Pro40
  • 6 overs of twenty 20 cup
  • 20 overs of one-day internationals

Betting Rules for County Championships in Cricket

There are also rules that dictate the County Championship in cricket. We will reveal all of them right below.

Match Betting

Who will win a match betting bet?

The official betting competition rules apply in all match betting bet settlements.

Any match abandoned due to weather conditions won’t be considered in case of outside interference. If a match is canceled or abandoned due to extenuating circumstances, that bet will be null and void. The good thing is that your money will be refunded back.

Deadhead rules will take effect if a match innings ends in a tie. If you made multiple selections and some were void, they won’t be considered. Consideration goes to the remaining bets for settlement.

If a match innings ends in a tie but weren’t included in the Betts offered, then cricket betting rules uphold that that bet should be void and stakes should be refunded.

Big Bash League for T20

More details about these below:

Big Bash Man of the Match

The rest of the bets will be settled if you have multiple bet selections. Additionally, stakes will be refunded in case your bet turns out to be void.

For your bet to be valid, cricket betting rules provide that the player you opt for should be among the first thirteen players on the tables.

Finish at the bottom

The rules of cricket betting clearly stipulate that a team that finishes last will be considered in the table.

Do a 2/4 finish at the table

Cricket betting rules will stand in for payouts to be made. However, this will depend on the position that the team will finish on the table. The team at the top of the list has a high chance of getting their payout easily.

Run-up of the tournament

The team or player should finish second in the division or tournament.

Batsmen to hit the most sixes

The rules of cricket betting value a batman if it hits the most sixes in the division or tournament. All the sixes hit in the knockout stages aren’t disregarded but considered too.

The total sixes in a match will depend on the sixes scored in a bat. The team with the highest sixes scored in a bat in a match will be considered to settle with the market. The countdown towards the total sixes will involve all the sixes scored. The rule of cricket betting strongly upholds that extras and overthrows don’t count toward the sixes. What match counts towards sixes in the first innings in Test and first-class matches?

Options for ties bets are available to aid a team in easily hitting the most sixes target. However, if a match is canceled or abandoned, that bet is voided.

Team to hit the most sixes

Only boundary scores from a bat will count in the overall match sixes. However, extras and overthrows don’t count. At least 80%of the allotted overs in limited-overs matches will be bowled. Any sixes scored in a super overs match won’t be considered. Hence, this is a market meant for limited-overs only.

Any sixes earned during the knockout stance will be disregarded and unconsidered. Besides that, the team that hits the most sixes will be considered as per the cricket betting rules.

Over involving boundary six

As normal, cricket betting rules will be upheld when settling debts. A score will be counted as a boundary in a batsman. A combination of 4 boundaries and 2 runs in an overthrow will not bring the boundary to 6. For bets to stand, the over must be completed, or the bet settlement must be done before. An over will be considered complete if an inning finishes in it. Otherwise, if the innings are complete due to the effect of bad weather conditions, then bets will be voided.

Big bash batsman market

If a bet doesn’t bat but has a batsman on the roster, that bet will be considered for settlement as per the cricket betting rules.

Cricket Betting Rules in the IPL

IPL is an Indian cricket league that engages in professional cricket betting. All the teams come from different prominent cities to participate in Twenty20 cricket matches. The players are chosen from world cricket teams to represent every city.

A team involving a particular player

A bet won’t be settled if the player is replaced in the case of a draft. Additionally, if you deem that the player will join a particular, that bet will be considered. If the player fails to join any teams, that bet will be considered void, and all your stakes will be refunded. Besides that, cricket betting rules also state that a bet involving multiple selections will payout.