Parimatch Account Registration, Confirmation, and Login Process

The Indian sports gambling market boasts of many betting sites. However, the Parimatch betting website stands out from the rest due to its good reputation, amazing offers, and much more. The sportsbook offers all bettors a chance to earn through sports predictions. Since its establishment in 1994, Parimatch has maintained its high-quality betting services for all Indian punters. This review will take you through the account creation and login processes.

Creating Account at Parimatch

parimatch join

Players can create a new account on this website with just a few clicks of the mouse. Indeed, the entire sign-up process requires less than five minutes. Perhaps, you will need to have all the required details ready before starting the registration process.

Here is the step-by-step guide to help you create a user account or, say, sign up fast:

  1. Open the official site to create an account;
  2. Click on the ‘JOIN NOW’ button that is located at the top of the homepage;
  3. Fill in all the data as requested by the sign-up form. Make sure the data is genuine because you may not be given a chance to alter any of them after account verification;
  4. Tick the age and terms and conditions boxes to confirm that you are an adult and understand all the terms of usage of the sportsbook;
  5. Check your email or phone number to get the verification code;
  6. Fill in the code in the right field, and the sign-up process is complete; sign in and start placing bets.

Setting up an account at Parimatch is seemingly simple for all new users. A few minutes would be enough for you to follow the above steps and have the account ready for sign-in. However, it is worth mentioning that you must give valid details to verify the account during registration.

parimatch sign up

Also, note that you can create an account from a desktop or mobile application. Therefore, the sportsbook plus the bonus remains accessible via various platforms and from anywhere in India. After completing the process of signing up, it will be easy for you to access your account and begin betting.

Creating an account via the Parimatch App

Better still, users can choose to register via the PariMatch app to play games or bet on sports. Happily, this method is easy and does not take much of your time. Also, remember that users will still require the same info to register. Follow the following simple steps to register via the app to begin placing bets:

  1. Open the PariMatch app on your mobile phone;
  2. Tap on the ‘JOIN NOW’ tab on the homepage;
  3. The sign-up form shall appear immediately;
  4. Type in the personal info as requested;
  5. Tick the age boxes and ensure that you are familiar with the sportsbook’s terms and conditions of use;
  6. Once you are done with filling in and have confirmed that they are valid, you can submit them for processing;
  7. When you create your account, you will get a message or an email containing the verification code;
  8. Open it and enter the code in the right space;
  9. The account is ready for use; verify it, add funds, and begin playing on your mobile.

Users can save the login credentials on their mobile handset to ease account access whenever they want to log in. Also, enabling two-factor authentication is a great idea because no one can ever access the account.

Also, if you want to leverage the site’s bonus, welcome bonus, and other amazing promotions, you should fill out a form. This bonus form is just a short form containing details to verify your date of birth, your real address, your name, and much more.

Sign up Parimatch iOS App

The iOS platform offers a real-quick way to create a new account for new users. Therefore, you will require a few moments to register and even get a bonus to place bets. If you use an iOS device, follow these handy steps to join PariMatch:

  1. Open the app and click the ‘SIGN UP’ or ‘REGISTER NOW’ tabs;
  2. Enter the info required by the sign-up form, such as phone number, country of residence, names, email address, etc.;
  3. Submit the form for registration and keep an eye on your mobile or email to get the verification code;
  4. Enter the code in the right field and submit it;
  5. The account is ready, and you are free to log in, deposit funds, claim a bonus, and place bets.

Verification of Parimatch Account

Account verification is crucial for every user, as it is intended to maintain company standards and improve the privacy and security of your information. Therefore, you should never think that it is a waste of time. It is a move to ensure that you will forever be secure when placing bets with the platform.

The app uses your phone number and other crucial identification credentials for account verification. For example, for your new account to be active, you need to be able to receive a verification code to the phone number or email address provided during sign-up. That is why you should only use valid details.

In the case of documents, you will need your Aadhar card. Moreover, you will need a color photo of the card to submit for confirmation. Make sure you capture both sides of the card when taking the card snaps. On top of that, you will require a selfie of you holding the Aadhar card next to your face.

Upon submission of scanned copies of your documents, you can wait for not more than 24 hours to receive a confirmation message or email informing you that the verification process was successful. Excitingly, you can now bet and withdraw your winnings without any limits. Therefore, the verification process is very crucial for you.

Parimatch Login

parimatch log in

When logging in to the account, the user can do it on the desktop or mobile version. Open the website and tap on the ‘Login’ button. Fill in your login credentials and tap ‘Login’ to submit them for processing.

The process is quite straightforward since you can still utilize the details saved on the device. However, make sure the device is yours because anyone can use the saved info to access the account if you let them use your device. Alternatively, you can use two-factor authentication to ensure the login info will not be enough to fully sign in to the account.

Parimatch App Login

On the Parimatch app, you can log in to your account without hassle. Indeed, you just need to open the app and access the account without necessarily filling in any details. However, you may have to confirm that you are indeed the account owner trying to access it courtesy of the two-factor authentication.

Problems Associated with Parimatch Account

You may face a couple of problems when using this app. However, any problem should not cause an alarm because you can always get support. The most important thing to do is to clearly understand the type of problem you experience and then contact the support team for assistance. Below are some of the issues you might face when using PariMatch:

What common problems might you face using the Parimatch?

These are the common problems you might face:

  1. The server might be down. However, you can try after a few minutes, and the loginprocess will be successful. This is always a short-lived issue, and the system returns to its normal operating levels quickly, after which you can register. Also, you may have to check your connectivity to the internet.
  2. Slow Score updates might happen from time to time. However, this is also a short-lived issue, and the main cause might be congestion since millions of bettors are on the website trying out their luck. Within a few moments, the correct score updates will always appear. However, if the issue does not seem to return to the norm, you can just restart the app or the page.
  3. Money Balance not appearing on your account after depositing money may seem a big deal. However, it is not a serious threat to your betting endeavors. Usually, the money deposit methods may take a few minutes to have the money appear in the account, even when you use a jeton wallet. Also, you may have to ensure that the internet is stable during the transaction to aid in updating the money balance.
  4. Audio or video issues on the app might be a problem. However, you just need to check your device settings on volume. Also, you can still have enhanced settings for the video output to ensure good quality.

Why might my new account not be verified by Parimatch?

If you submit invalid details, your account will not be verified. You must use an active email address and phone number as you register to make sure you pass the very first step of verification. Also, you have to submit high-quality photos of your identification document and the selfie. If the details of the card and the face do not match, your account may not be verified. Therefore, you should submit the correct details and photos during the verification process.

How to delete my Parimatch account?

You can delete the account easily through your account settings. However, if you take this option, you may never be able to activate the account again in the future. However, if you contact the support team via live chat or email to help you deactivate it, you can still have it reactivated in the future.

How to reset my Parimatch Account password?

Sign in to the account and head over to ‘MY ACCOUNT. View the account details and if you wish to change the password, choose ‘CHANGE PASSWORD from the numerous options. Enter the old password and the new one. Save the details and leave the page. If you face any challenges when making the changes, you should contact the support team with a complaint. The team is always available to help you enjoy quality services.


Frequently Asked Questions About Parimatch accounts

Is Parimatch sportsbook legal in India?

Yes, just register now. It is legal as it holds a gambling license from the relevant authorities. The Curacao government licensed it and has permission to offer its betting services in India.

What credentials do I require to confirm Parimatch accounts?

Once you register, you need your Aadhar card photos of both sides and a selfie of you holding the said card right next to your face.

Is it safe to share my data with Parimatch?

Yes, it is safe because the sportsbook does not share the info with third-party affiliates. The info is used to register you and help you achieve more in placing bets.